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All Things Must Pass The Rise And Fall Of Tower...

All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records is a documentary directed by Colin Hanks on the rise and fall of the American record retailer Tower Records, completed and distributed in 2015.

All Things Must Pass The Rise and Fall of Tower...


And now, a preview of coming attractions: All Things Must Pass, the Colin Hanks-directed documentary about the rise and fall of Sacramento's own Tower Records, has a theatrical release lined up for this fall.

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No record fan should miss this documentary that covers the rise of Tower Records (made $1 billion in 1999) to its declaration of bankruptcy in 2006.Directed with passion and commitment by Colin Hanks, the documentary includes guest spots by Dave Grohl, Elton John and Bruce Spingsteen along with searing interviews with founder Russ Solomon and many of his long-term employees.No one who loves records should miss "All Things Must Pass". Tower's rise and fall mirrors that of the record industry itself, as it feasted with glutinous intensity on the "CD revolution" only to later become victims of the "digital disaster". Log in or register to post comments COMMENTS I'm confused.... Submitted by ericleehall on Mon, 2016-08-01 12:12 I'm pretty sure I bought this on DVD back in January.

All Things Must Pass is the new documentary from Colin Hanks about the rise and fall of Tower Records. After receiving glowing reviews at SXSW, the film is finally set to receive its theatrical debut on October 15th. In anticipation, the official trailer has arrived online.

Of course the closing of the Tower stores is hardly a surprise, right? The company filed for bankruptcy in 2006 when brick and mortar stores were falling to the wayside thanks to the rise of the internet. iTunes took off in 2001, Tower Records folded in 2006. Coincidence?

Hanks works hard to balance the obviously nostalgic look back on this favored place, capturing the fun and the music and the reasons people enjoyed it, with a hard and serious look at the real reasons the dream was lost and the store failed. This, of course, requires interviews with not only Solomon, but with COO Stan Goman, industry insiders like David Geffen and all sorts of those who came and went over the years and saw the rise and fall from the inside.

On the screen, we watched the story of the rise and fall of Tower Records, as recounted by Russ Solomon, Stan Goman, and many of the other people we worked for once long ago. The film was directed by Colin Hanks, and traces the arc of the company through still images, archival film, testimonials, and news footage. Many of the people who built and ran the company appeared for interviews, including Russ himself, along with Stan, Heidi Cotler, Bob Delanoy, Mark Viducich, and several others. One very gratifying revelation for us as viewers was that just about every one of them started out in the company as a clerk, filing records in the bins. Many of us watching the film Friday night could make the exact same claim.

Thoroughly entertaining, insightful, and heartbreaking, "All Things Must Pass" wonderfully documents the rise, fall, and cultural significance of Tower Records in a consistently engaging, energetic fashion.

Solid and informative documentary. I didn't know a lot about the history and culture of Tower Records, though I certainly shopped there from time to time. They did a good job setting out the broader cultural context that contributed to the rise and fall of the company. Nothing groundbreaking about the approach, but it is well executed.

John and a few other musicians speak with deep affection about Tower, where Dave Grohl was an employee. But Hanks wisely limits the celebrity talking heads in this rise-and-fall story. Instead, he focuses on the people who built the company from a Sacramento drugstore annex to a global brand, creating a ragtag family in the process.

"It was a lost boys club. If you didn't know where to go in town, the first thing you did was go to Tower Records," Bruce Springsteen recalls in All Things Must Pass, the new Colin Hanks-directed documentary about the rise and fall of the music, video and book retail giant.

All Things Must Pass, an upcoming film by actor/director Colin Hanks, documents the momentous global rise of the legendary music store from its Sacramento, California roots in 1960 to its heartbreakingly inevitable downfall in 1996. 041b061a72

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