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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Download Hetzner Svb

The link would direct to a Portable Executable (PE) file, discussed in further detail below, hosted on Google Drive. Further execution would require the user to run the downloaded executable for follow-on exploitation to occur.

Download hetzner svb

Further activity requires not only user interaction with the phishing message (displaying the landing page link) and downloading the file hosted from Google Drive, but then executing the payload as well.

There were lot's more variations, always triyng to get the same file. They wouldn't succeed even if there was some "download.php"*, but I'm curious what would it do if they did.Also, I wonder if there's something I can do against this BOT in more global scope, to help other webmasters who might have their site vulnerable against such attack. 041b061a72

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