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Rekordbox 6.6

What's New in Rekordbox 6.6: Features, Improvements, and Fixes

Rekordbox is a professional DJ software that allows you to mix music from your computer, stream from various online services, and control Pioneer DJ hardware. It also helps you manage your music library, create playlists, edit tracks, and more.

rekordbox 6.6

Rekordbox 6.6 is the latest version of the software that was released on November 16, 2021. It brings some new features, improvements, and fixes that enhance your DJing experience. In this article, we will review what's new in Rekordbox 6.6 and how to use it.

New Features in Rekordbox 6.6

Rekordbox 6.6 introduces some new features that expand your creative possibilities and make your workflow easier. Here are some of the highlights:

  • XDJ-RX3 compatibility added: You can now use Rekordbox 6.6 with the XDJ-RX3, the new all-in-one DJ system from Pioneer DJ that combines a 10-inch touch screen, a four-channel mixer, performance pads, and more.

  • Added VINYL BRAKE to Beat FX: You can now apply the VINYL BRAKE effect to your tracks using the Beat FX section of Rekordbox 6.6. This effect simulates the sound of a vinyl record slowing down when you press the stop button on a turntable.

  • Support for SoundCloud DJ: You can now stream millions of tracks from SoundCloud directly within Rekordbox 6.6 with a SoundCloud DJ subscription. You can also download tracks for offline playback and sync them with your Rekordbox library.

  • Support for GOBO in LIGHTING mode: You can now use GOBO effects in LIGHTING mode of Rekordbox 6.6 to create stunning visual shows with your compatible lighting fixtures. GOBO effects are patterns or images that are projected onto a surface by a light source.

Improvements in Rekordbox 6.6

Rekordbox 6.6 also brings some improvements that make your DJing smoother and more efficient. Here are some of them:

  • Added a feature to export and import lighting settings in LIGHTING mode: You can now export and import your lighting settings in LIGHTING mode of Rekordbox 6.6 as XML files. This allows you to backup your settings, share them with other users, or use them on different computers.

  • Added the following to DMX Direct Control: You can now control more parameters of your DMX-compatible lighting fixtures using DMX Direct Control in Rekordbox 6.6. These include the number of DMX channels, the items that can sync with a button, and the function to control a value with a knob or slider.

  • Automatic deck selection for lighting is now available in PERFORMANCE mode: You can now enable automatic deck selection for lighting in PERFORMANCE mode of Rekordbox 6.6 when connected with certain Pioneer DJ mixers or controllers. This means that the lighting effects will follow the deck that is playing or selected.

  • Vocal position detection is now available on Mac containing Apple's M1 chip: You can now use vocal position detection on Mac computers with Apple's M1 chip in Rekordbox 6.6. This feature analyzes your tracks and detects where the vocals are located, which helps you create better transitions and mixes.

  • BEAT JUMP Pad page is now retained when you start Rekordbox next time: You can now keep your BEAT JUMP Pad page settings when you close and reopen Rekordbox 6.6. This means that you don't have to change the page every time you launch the software.

Added the following features to MIDI LEARN: You can now assign more functions to your MIDI-compatible devices using MIDI LEARN in Rekordbox 6 06063cd7f5

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