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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Practical Audio Electronics Free Ebook Download [NEW]

Practical Audio Electronics is a comprehensive introduction to basic audio electronics and the fundamentals of sound circuit building, providing the reader with the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake projects from scratch.

Practical Audio Electronics free ebook download

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Imparting a thorough foundation of theory alongside the practical skills needed to understand, build, modify, and test audio circuits, this book equips the reader with the tools to explore the sonic possibilities that emerge when electronics technology is applied innovatively to the making of music. Suitable for all levels of technical proficiency, this book encourages a deeper understanding through highlighted sections of advanced material and example projects including circuits to make, alter, and amplify audio, providing a snapshot of the wide range of possibilities of practical audio electronics.

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Stephen Frazier is a freelance writer and the former New Mexico HLAA Chapter Coordinator. He was trained by HLAA as a hearing loss support specialist, maintains the Loop New Mexico initiative, co-chairs the Committee for Communication Access in New Mexico, and was one of the founding members of the national HLAA Get in the Hearing Loop Task Force. His articles have run in many publications including the audio/visual magazine Sound & Communications, Advance for Audiologists, the Christian Science Monitor, Church Executive, Hearing Review, Hearing Health and many others. Those articles can be read at 041b061a72

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