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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Twin Dragons Full Movie Download In Italian !EXCLUSIVE!

Please note--this review is for the English-dubbed version. It's about 11 minutes shorter than the original film and I have no way of knowing how close it stuck to the original vision. It seemed to be dubbed reasonably well, but having never seen the original Chinese version, I am only guessing.The idea of making a Corsican Brothers-like film with two Jackie Chans sounded pretty dumb when I read about this movie. And, while in parts it is awfully silly, the overall effort was far better than I expected and was one of the better Chan movies I have seen.The movie begins with a prologue which shows how two twins were accidentally separated just after birth. The parents cannot locate the lost child and are forced to raise the remaining child. The second is fund by what appears to be a prostitute and this child is raised in a poor household. Many years later, when the rich and privileged Jackie returns to Hong Kong, he accidentally is mixed up for the poor one--the one that the local mob wants to kill! Now had this just been an action film with fight scene after fight scene, I think it wouldn't have worked as well. But, given that Jackie Chan did the movie a huge amount of comedy and clever situations involving two separate girlfriends were infused into the plot. Several times, I found myself laughing at some of the silliness of it all, but I also was impressed by how well the film all worked together pretty seamlessly.There were only two complaints about the film. First, the poor Jackie snorted a lot. Why? Couldn't there have been a better way to distinguish between them than making one of them sound like he's a pig or has a really bad cold? Secondly, the film seemed to go on a bit too long--particularly at the action-packed conclusion. Knocking five or ten minutes off would have probably made the film a bit better--as the fight scene just went on and on and on. Still, this is a decent martial arts film and is worth a look and a laugh.FYI--The film's second billing went to Maggie Cheung--a relatively famous Asian actress who has made a variety of excellent films. However, her role was no bigger or more prominent than the other lady in the film who didn't appear until much further in the credits. Bummer.

Twin Dragons full movie download in italian

A fun Jackie Chan movie for the fans, but far from his best work. This is fairly typical of the kind of movies he made during the early half of the '90s : lots and lots of cheesy, Chinese-style humour which is probably off-putting to Western audiences, a few cool fight sequences interspersed, and a typically inane and nonsensical plot. To make matters worse, the print released on DVD in the UK is the Dimension films American version which stupidly dubs the actors, changes the soundtrack, and cuts eleven minutes out of the movie! This is basically the "twins" movie for Chan, just like Van Damme, Li, and Schwarzenegger have made their own twin movies. The special effects range from split screen to back/forward projection, but there are also some decent (if a little wobbly) digital insertions which make up in ambition what they lack in technical perfection.The plot is straightforward, light-hearted fare: there are two Chans who keep getting mistaken for each other. Maggie Cheung and Nina Li Chi are the lovers who keep getting confused, although Cheung is underused and Li Chi seems to be there just to take her clothes off a lot. Chan is as good as ever, mugging his way through joke after joke, although it's a shame only one of the brothers can fight. The action is more limited here but what we do get is great: a running series of kung fu battles, gun showdowns, and a fantastic bus chase with some superb stunts. Most of the physical stuff is saved for the finale in the car warehouse, which doesn't disappoint. Although most of the comedy is stupid, this is still amusing, old-fashioned fun, innocent and designed to please the audience at all points. As such I recommend it.

Thirty years ago, on September 30, 1992, I made my first trip to a Chinatown theater in Manhattan to see Hong Kong movies. It was the old Sun Sing Theater, on East Broadway under the Manhattan Bridge, and the double feature was DRAGON INN and TWIN DRAGONS, one a historical wuxia martial arts adventure starring Brigitte Lin and the other a modern kung fu comedy thriller with Jackie Chan playing twins.

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