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Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (US Version - Official Video)

There are two music videos for "Bleeding Love". The first was directed by Melina Matsoukas and was filmed in Los Angeles.[75] It is set in a mock apartment block and features six storylines about couples in different stages of relationships. Lewis stated that it is "real colourful, very funky, has lots of extras and I get to really perform".[75] Melina explained her meaning of the video in an interview on MTV's Making the Video, saying that the water in the video is a metaphor for the tenants' love problems, as if the apartments are bleeding love. The international version of the video was first posted to YouTube on 17 October 2007, and which now has over 187 million views.

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (US Version - Official Video)

But what could that reason be? In the UK version, Leona is in the hallway of a building, singing about the love lives of its inhabitants. At intervals the camera zooms in through the window of an apartment to show us the drama within, and then it pulls back to show all the wounded creatures in each apartment in a collage of failed relationships. The video is edgy, with one woman literally tearing out her hair in desperation while another nearly drowns herself in a bathtub because her date doesn't show up on time. Elsewhere, a blond is panda-eyed and wailing over a boyfriend who's cheated on her. Said cheating boyfriend has a nasty shock when he discovers that the girl he's been cheating on the blond with is two timing him (twist!).

To market for the American audience, the video includes the New York City landscapes and scenes. It also follows how romantic comedies are structured. The end has an almost happing ending, with the man returning to Lewis. The INTERNATIONAL version has multiple couples fighting or in confusion on where their relationship stands. Not all relationships in the video have a happy ending. In my own opinion, the INTERNATIONAL version better tells the story of emotional love. The editing allows cutting between different couples easily. The INTERNATIONAL version is more successful in depicting various stages of relationships while the US version only has one. The editing in the US version follows a similar pattern seen in romcoms, with the trials and tribulations a couple must endure. Because of the familiar story, the US version does not leave the same impact as the INTERNATIONAL version does. The public has shown, by a small margin, that they prefer the INTERNATIONAL version. It may be because the INTERNATIONAL version is more in line with the lyrics and is more exciting to watch. The US version is boring in comparison to the INTERNATIONAL version. As of March 1, 2017, the INTERNATIONAL version has 149, 464,113 views. The US version has 124,050,973 views. 041b061a72

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