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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Bloodsport III |VERIFIED| Download Moviesl

Keller: No! I will not kill. This man fought with skill and dignity, and you would have me destroy that integrity? And why? To satisfy your lust for death? There was a time when the Kumite meant honor, but I see now that Kumite is dead. It has become nothing more than a bloodsport.

Bloodsport III Download Moviesl

Not content with releasing just the one demo, Digital Jesters (and indeed developer Cyanide, who also handled Pro Rugby Manager) has released a Chaos League playable demo, allowing gamers to sample the strategic delights of this futuristic bloodsport, about which we've already various words. You can download the full demo from Eurofiles here, and DJ informs us that the game will be available in the shops "soon-ish".

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