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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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The Gospel Of John Movie Torrent Download

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The Gospel Of John Movie Torrent Download


I have seen "King of Kings", "The Greatest Story Ever Told", "Jesus of Nazareth", "The Jesus Film", "Jesus Christ, Superstar", and now, "The Gospel According to John." This, to me, is the most scriptural presentation so far. The acting was superb considering the actors had to contend with a dialogue that was taken straight out of the Bible. The actor who portrayed Jesus (Cusick) gave a very refreshing portrayal of Jesus, the man. I especially liked it when he smiled! I remember Max von Sydow's and Robert Powell's portrayal of Jesus and they were too "somber"...It seemed like I was reading the Gospel of John while watching the film. Though the movie was quite long (the gospel account has 21 chapters!),I was never bored.

This movie captures the spirit of Christ as a healer, and the son of God. The movie shows an accurate portrayal of the division that Jesus' teaching created. I found the movie up-lifting, and realistic. The people looked and acted from the region and time. The Roman governor is played well. They leave most of the Crucifixion out, which is a smart idea, because the movie 'The Passion' shows this meditation. Very educational. The Gospel is so long, they had to leave some parts out. I wish they did not, but I guess it would be 3 DVD's then. The film is well acted, directed, and paced. The movie went by fast, and realistic. I wonder if any other of the gospels will be done. 8 out 10. I wonder if Mel Gibson will do another Christian film.

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