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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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U40SI R1.16.04.RAR | Updated __FULL__

The main characteristics of Zimbra Collaboration production load that affects load on SSDB server are the frequency of authentication requests and frequency of SOAP requests sent by Zimbra Collaboration Web Client and 3rd party SOAP clients. Each authentication request results in a 2 or 3 write operations for SSDB. The write operations update zimbraLastLogonTimestamp, zimbraAuthTokens and zimbraCsrfTokenData values. Note, that zimbraCsrfTokenData is updated only when using a CSRF-enabled SOAP client such as Zimbra Collaboration Web Client. Each authenticated SOAP request results in 2 read operations for SSDB.

U40SI R1.16.04.RAR | updated

With the recent release of Synergy for Linux, our updated setup instructions are simpler and easier for Linux users than ever before. Today, on the day of the release of Synergy 1.4.2, I interview one of the project owners, Nick Bolton, on the release of Synergy 1.4.2 for Linux. We discuss the origins of the project, the features of the latest release and why this new synergy is the easiest to use ever.

A note to readers before we begin: this article was last published in June 2015. This is a re-posting of that article, updated with a few minor changes. I like to publish old articles regularly on the web and on my blog, so check back often for new things, but most of the information provided here is still valid.

However, I still end up using an older version of the image, from 19/04/2016 when Docker shipped with 0.11.0. It is best practice to use the most current versions of the operating system and the Docker application whenever possible as they are being updated at a faster rate.

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