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Deep Freeze Standard ((EXCLUSIVE))

hi, i'm using deep freeze on both my win10 laptops and on my desktops with win10.. but i feel like my desktops aren't frozen as much as my laptops are. the only way to get into windows is to press the windows button, start typing the password, then press enter. i'm not sure if that's correct or not, but i'm hoping someone can help. if they can, please help me

Deep Freeze Standard

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i have all updates downloaded automatically while a machine is frozen. when it is thawed, any previously downloaded windows update will be applied automatically. one thing to note is that, i have deep freeze completely downloading all updates while it's frozen. there is no internet connection and the download will take a while. however, during this process, the defrosted machine is locked up and can't do anything else except for the updates.

hello, i just found and installed the deep freeze program on my computer. i am trying to set it up, but when i launch deep freeze, it tells me to restart and i get an error message that says "the service did not start, it is either not configured or it is not installed" any ideas? do i need to install something to get this thing working? i am running the windows 10 october 2014 update. thanks

hello, i have been an intermediate user of deep freeze for the past two years. i am using deep freeze to protect against ransomware. i have to set the minimum password to 30 seconds, otherwise it will not defrost. it also does not allow the computer to reboot while in the defrosted state. even when the computer reboots, it will not defrost. it works after i get to desktop after waiting for several minutes. are there any other drawbacks to using deep freeze to secure a computer that is otherwise not susceptible to any major flaws?

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