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How to Become the Top Snake in MLG Edition MLG Edition: A Fun and Memeful Snake Game

If you are looking for a cool snake game that will make you laugh and challenge you at the same time, then you should try MLG Edition. This game is a parody of the popular .io game, but with a twist: it is full of memes, jokes, and references to internet culture. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about MLG Edition, including how to play, how to unlock different snakes, and how to master the game.

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What is MLG Edition? MLG Edition is a free online game that you can play on It was created by CrioDev, who is also known for his game Javelin Fighting. The game is inspired by the classic snake game, where you have to collect food and grow bigger while avoiding hitting other snakes or the walls. However, MLG Edition adds a lot of humor and fun to the gameplay by featuring snacks, drinks, and pizza as food, as well as cash and coins that you can use to buy skins for your snake. The game also has a lot of sound effects, text messages, and gifs that are related to memes and internet culture. For example, you might hear a voice saying "Wow!" or "Get rekt!" when you eat another snake, or see a gif of a dancing frog or a doge when you die.

How to play MLG Edition

The controls for MLG Edition are very simple. You can use the W/A/S/D keys or the mouse to move your snake around the map. You can also use the space bar or click the mouse to boost your speed, but be careful: this will make you lose some of your length. Your goal is to collect as much food as possible and grow bigger than other snakes. You can eat other snakes by making them hit your body, but avoid hitting their bodies or you will die. You can also eat cash and coins that other snakes leave behind when they die. These will help you buy skins for your snake in the shop.

Why is it called MLG Edition?

The game is called MLG Edition because it features a lot of elements that are associated with the term "MLG", which stands for Major League Gaming. This is a professional esports organization that hosts tournaments and events for various video games. However, the term "MLG" has also become a meme on the internet, often used to describe something that is very impressive, skillful, or funny in a video game context. For example, someone might say "That was an MLG shot!" or "You are so MLG!" when they see someone perform a remarkable feat in a game. The game also uses a lot of graphics, sounds, and texts that are related to the MLG meme culture, such as sunglasses, air horns, dubstep music, and Doritos.

What are the features of MLG Edition? MLG Edition has many features that make it different from other snake games. Some of these features are:

  • A large map with different zones and themes

  • A leaderboard that shows the top 10 players in the game

  • A shop where you can buy skins for your snake using cash and coins

  • A chat where you can communicate with other players

  • A code system where you can enter codes to get free skins or cheats

A How to unlock different snakes in MLG Edition

One of the most fun aspects of MLG Edition is that you can customize your snake with different skins. There are over 50 skins to choose from, ranging from animals, fruits, flags, celebrities, and memes. Some of the skins are free, while others require you to pay cash or coins. Here are some ways to unlock different snakes in MLG Edition:

Collecting cash and coins

The easiest way to get cash and coins is to collect them from the map. You can find them scattered around the map, or dropped by other snakes when they die. You can also get cash and coins by eating food, especially pizza slices, which give you more money than other snacks. The more cash and coins you have, the more skins you can buy from the shop.

Buying skins from the shop

The shop is where you can buy skins for your snake using cash and coins. You can access the shop by clicking on the shopping cart icon on the top right corner of the screen. The shop has different categories of skins, such as animals, fruits, flags, celebrities, and memes. You can browse through the skins and see their prices and descriptions. To buy a skin, simply click on it and confirm your purchase. You can then equip the skin by clicking on it in your inventory.

Using codes and cheats

Another way to unlock different snakes in MLG Edition is to use codes and cheats. These are special words or phrases that you can enter in the code box on the bottom left corner of the screen. Some codes will give you free skins, while others will activate cheats that will make the game easier or harder for you. For example, you can enter "illuminati" to get a triangle-shaped snake, or "sanik" to make your snake faster. However, be careful: some codes might have negative effects, such as "rip" which will kill your snake instantly. You can find a list of codes and cheats online, or try to guess them yourself.

How to master MLG Edition MLG Edition is not just a game of luck; it also requires skill and strategy. If you want to become a master of this game, you need to learn some tips and tricks that will help you survive longer and defeat other snakes. Here are some of them:

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Tips and tricks for beginners

  • Start by eating small food items, such as snacks and drinks, to grow your snake gradually.

  • Avoid boosting too much, as this will make you lose length and expose you to danger.

  • Stay away from the edges of the map, as they are more crowded and risky.

  • Use the mini-map on the bottom right corner of the screen to see where other snakes are.

  • If you see a large snake die, try to eat its remains as quickly as possible before others do.

Strategies and tactics for advanced players

  • Try to encircle smaller snakes with your body and trap them until they hit you and die.

  • Cut off other snakes' paths by boosting in front of them and making them crash into you.

  • Use your tail as a weapon by swinging it around and hitting other snakes with it.

  • Bait other snakes into following you by leaving a trail of cash and coins behind you.

  • Use codes and cheats wisely to gain an advantage over other players.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Don't get too greedy or overconfident when you are big; you might lose everything in a split second.

  • Don't chase after other snakes blindly; they might lead you into a trap or an ambush.

  • Don't ignore your surroundings; always be aware of where other snakes are and what they are doing.

  • Don't play when you are tired or distracted; this will affect your reaction time and concentration.

  • Don't rage quit or give up when you die; learn from your mistakes and try again.

Conclusion MLG Edition is a fun and memeful snake game that will keep you entertained for hours. It is easy to play but hard to master, so you will always have something new to learn and improve. You can also customize your snake with different skins that you can buy or unlock with codes and cheats. If you are looking for a cool snake game that will make you laugh and challenge you at the same time, then then you should try MLG Edition. You can play it for free on and have a blast with your friends or strangers online. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about this game. Now, go ahead and play MLG Edition and show everyone who is the real MLG snake!


Here are some frequently asked questions about MLG Edition:

  • Q: How many players can play MLG Edition at the same time?

  • A: MLG Edition can support up to 500 players per server, so you will never run out of opponents to eat or allies to team up with.

  • Q: How can I change the language of the game?

A: You can change the language of the gam

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