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[S1E8] This Must Be The Place ((HOT))

Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the Starfleet crew of the Federation starship Enterprise-D. In this episode, Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) is sentenced to death after inadvertently breaking the law on an alien planet. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) must deal with the powerful and mysterious protector of the planet while deliberating whether to violate the Prime Directive to save Wesley's life.

[S1E8] This Must Be the Place


Picard asks about the mysterious vessel in orbit and discovers that the Edo worship it as a god. He returns to his ship with Rivan and Counsellor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis). Rivan sees the strange ship from orbit and confirms it is the Edo's god. She is transported back to the surface when the ship threatens the Enterprise for taking her away from the planet, and that the captain and the rest of the ship must now share Wesley's fate according to the Edo code. Data reveals that, while he was in communication with the entity, it will protect the Edo as if they were its children. After considering their options, Picard returns to the planet's surface and announces that he is willing to risk the wrath of the entity. He orders the transportation of Wesley to the Enterprise, but the entity disables the transporters and threatens to destroy the rest of the ship once again. Picard has had enough, and pleads with the Edo god that laws must allow for exceptions to ensure justice, and after this statement the transporters go back online and allows the away team to return. Upon leaving the planet, Picard communicates with the entity to inform it that they are leaving and that they will remove recently placed colonists at a nearby star system under the entity's claimed jurisdiction, if the entity expresses so. However, the final offer was refused as the entity informs Picard to steer clear of the Edo before disappearing. Picard regrets they did not communicate more, and the Enterprise departs.

James Hunt reviewed the episode for Den of Geek in November 2012. He liked the central idea, but said it was typical of the poor quality of the early episodes of the series. Hunt also thought multiple plot details were not addressed, such as the origin of the alien entity and the reason for the Edo's fear of it.[7] Jamahl Epsicokhan for his website Jammer's Reviews, said that the episode featured "yet another Trek-clichéd Infinitely Superior Life Form", and featured a debate which was "more obtuse than enlightening".[8] He gave it a score of one out of four.[8] In 2018, CBR included this episode in a list of Star Trek episodes that are "so bad they must be seen."[9]

A moment later Maeve wants to know what the hell is happening to her. Having arranged her own 'death' once more she's back in the repair lab, telling Sylvester and Felix. That in one moment she is with this little girl in a different life, able to feel the girls hair in her hands, her breath on her face, and then she's back in Sweetwater. Unable to tell which is real. Sylvester tries to tell her it's her own fault for messing with her brain, but Felix explains to her that Host minds are different. Humans memories are hazy, imperfect, but hosts memories are a matter of perfect recall. They relive them. Maeve asks what happened to the girl in her memory, is she still in the Park and why was she reassigned in the first place?

Stubbs goes on to say that they have had problems in the past with 3rd Parties trying to bribe employees for information. Hale, keeps her cool asking if they know who the data was mean for? No, Stubbs says, the transmission was never sent, He conjectures that Theresa may have been using the Woodcutter as a mule and when that failed tried to do it in person. And suffered the same fate, Ford adds. But as Ford and Hale eye each other, Stubbs says he knew Theresa and lack of loyalty was not one of her faults. Hale agrees, she was loyal 'and' careful, this doesn't feel like her, she adds that Theresa's belief that the new narratives should be delayed, Which, Ford says that certainly explains Clementine, revealing that he has found Theresa's previous demonstration of Host violence towards humans to be a hoax. Having examined Clementine's code and finding it clumsily altered by a QA technician. Having found a cancer, he says, one must take steps to cut it out, and announces that the expansive access and oversight granted to QA will be limited, until a more principled team can be found. Stubbs points out that that will leave them shorthanded. But Ford says he can automate most of the Park's security protocols. How efficient of you Hale notes passive aggressively. Ford blithely stating it is a bit of work but he can manage with Bernard's help, who is of course reinstated as Head of Behavior based on this evidence. Hale agreeing, with her apologies.

Charlotte informs him Theresa died while doing something important for Delos, but refuses to reveal what it was to Lee. He becomes irritated, and boasts that Ford has asked him to secretly create a villain, for his new narrative. Charlotte laughs at him, saying that Ford would never entrust him with a key character, and that Ford is almost finished anyway. Having dug up some old town on the fringes of the Park. Created a horde of masked man to terrorize guests and proselytize the coming of some end all villain, named Wyatt. Lee gestures to the Gold Miner host, thinking this must obviously be it.. "That isn't Wyatt, that's busy work," she tells him. But she feels that he ready for a real job. Gauging working for her, he asks on what? Show don't tell she replies, reminding him that's what writers like him prefer, isn't it?

In the Behaviour Lab in the Mesa, Stubbs catches up with Bernard in a corridor, and though he admits they have not always seen eye to eye, he feels the decision to remove Bernard from his job was, in his view, short sighted. For that reason he's glad he's back at work, though, feels no one could blame him if he wanted to take a personal day. Knowing that this must be hard for him. Bernard a little confused by what he means. Thinking that Bernard is trying to be discrete about his relationship with Theresa, Stubbs lets it be known that it was his job to know about these kinds of things. But Bernard denies it, saying that Stubbs has the wrong idea, saying he respected Theresa as a colleague, but didn't actually know her that well. Walking off, he Stubbs perplexed.

"You wanted to know if I believe it to be true.""The prince to unite the realm against the cold and the dark. It is you. You are the one. You must do this," Viserys says, gasping for breath. "Please do this."

They take Thomas to Fiona's place. Michael points out that the purpose of bounty hunting is to turn the guy in and actually collect the bounty, $4,000.00 in this case. Thomas innocently examines Fiona's impressive collection of snow globes as the pair debate this course of action. Telling Thomas that she'd collected them through the years wherever she'd been 'working', she explains to Michael that Thomas is offering them double the promised bounty to prove his innocence.

Michael selects a number at random and dials. Getting an answer, Michael pretends to be calling in desperate need of a place to hide from the cops, mentioning that Cristo gave him the number. The person on the other end hangs up quickly. Michael nonchalantly picks another number, commenting to Christo that he could keep doing this all night. Cristo asks Michael what he wants, knowing any continuation of this behavior will destroy his client base. When asked, he admits he'd been approached about the stolen brooch, adding that the guy was a "real amateur" who thought a 30 carat diamond could just be sold on the street (Barry had already advised Sam that such a large diamond could not be sold for months or years, while cutting it to avoid identification would slash the diamond's value).

Taking this news to Fiona's, Michael arrives in time to see her and Thomas engaged in a cookout. Also, Fiona tells him, Thomas is teaching her baseball. Thomas is stunned to learn he was set up by the hotel owner, a man he'd never met. Michael tells Thomas it was nothing personal, he just made an easy fall guy. Thomas wants to go to the cops. Michael points out that all they have is the fact that Michael broke into Cristo's place and exhorted information from him... and rather than arresting Lawrence, he'd have time to ditch the diamond brooch as the cops trot both Michael and Thomas off to prison. Fiona soothes Thomas, assuring him that things will be fine.

Fiona moves Thomas to Michael's place. Though less than thrilled with this turn of events, he can't argue with her logic. Wayne Ray knows where her house is, and a cheap motel is the next place he will look; Michael's apartment it must be. Fiona snuggles next to the fugitive on the mattress on the floor, gently laying her head on his shoulder as she asks Michael to explain the plan to Thomas. It's a simple plan: Michael will pose as a buyer, getting Henderson to bring the brooch out into the open, they will then notify the police, Henderson will be arrested, Thomas will be free. A strange look passes over Michael's face as he watches Fiona gently massage Thomas' shoulders, telling him that they will be celebrating his freedom by the end of the week. Michael calls Fiona away from Thomas under the guise of discussing the plan. He asks her what she is doing. She replies that she is working. Michael counters that this is different, and she knows it. "I didn't know we were in a relationship, Michael." Fiona purrs, turning away to offer Thomas a drink or a yogurt. The strange look is back on Michael's face.

Dismayed, but thinking fast, Michael agrees to see the brooch when he arrives with the cash, but, still trying to get the item out in the open, insists the transaction take place at an independent lab that will authenticate the brooch. Henderson refuses, the deal must take place at his home. Michael says this condition is a deal-breaker, Henderson replies that as such, they have no deal. So close, but not close enough. The plan will have to be redesigned. 041b061a72

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