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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Will it be believed that the infatuate Master Cino spent the rest of thenight in a rapture of poetry? It was not voiced poetry, could never havebeen written down; rather, it was a torrent of feeling upon which hefloated out to heaven, in which he bathed. It thrilled through everyfibre of his body till he felt the wings of his soul fluttering madly tobe free. This was the very ecstasy of love, to suffer the extremetorment for the beloved! Ah, he was smitten deep enough at last; ifpoetry were to be won through bloody sweat, the pains of the rack, thecrawling anguish of the fire, was not poetry his own? Yes, indeed; whatDante had gained through exile and the death of Monna Beatrice was hisfor another price, the price of his own blood. He forgot the physicalagony of his scorched mouth, forgot the insult, forgot everything butthis ineffable achievement, this desperate essay, this triumph,[Pg 244] thisanointing. Cino, Cino, martyr for Love! Hail, Cino, crowned with thypain! He could have held up his bleeding heart and worshipped it. Surelythis was the greatest hour of his life.

free download La torre della morte in italian dubbed torrent

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