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Where To Buy Decora Cabinets

Has anyone had any experience with Decora cabinets? They seem like good quality for the price, but I would love some feedback from anyone who has actually got them. I am almost committed to ordering them and am getting cold feet.

where to buy decora cabinets

we got the cabinets about 18 months ago, and the order was put through during a spike of orders due to impending price increased. a number of cabinets (mostly doors) arrived in less than perfect condition. we had some other minor issues. to their credit, they corrected everything w/o any problems and we did not have to send anything back first (a practice with some other brands). at the end, they even threw in a few extras (embellishments and molding) for free for "our suffering". So I would use them again, unlike our granite supplier!!!

I have been looking at cabinets and I'm going with Shiloh-- b/c they are middle of the road-- my cabinet guy who is amazing said Decora is high end-- an excellent choice but out of my budget. He highly recommended Decora -- i did look at them and they are beautiful.

I have Decora cabinets in 2 colors-Brandywine with Expresso glaze and Teaberry. They are both in the Yardley style. LOVE them! They are rich looking and elegant. I have had them a little over a year and have been thrilled.

Wow. Everyone's cabinets are beautiful. I am really looking forward to getting ours. We currently have 1970's oak ones that do not close and original yellow formica that is separating at the edges. I guess they were pretty good, since they are still there but they are past ready to retire.I am not paying full price for the cabinets. I had originally thought I was going to get Schuler from Lowe's, but looked into a few of those small shops you see in industrial centers. I discovered that I can get Decora for the same price as Schuler, and they seem to be a better quality over all.Thank you for the reassurance.One of my concerns is that I am planning on ordering natural cherry, which can have very light sapwood run through it. The really expensive shops will not accept that. I have been told that I must expect some variation, and I am willing to have "some", since I am not willing to pay for super high quality cabinets. I am worried that my definition of "some" will not be the same as theirs. Then what?

Nordhavn - I have just seen Decora cabinets and I am very impressed. I've been looking at cabinets for a month and these are fabulous. We are having our kitchen measured this week and then plans drawn up. I think I will also go with natural, wheatfield or Arlington on cherry. This is such an overwhelming task that this forum has been a wonderful resource and support. My DH has no interest in all the nitty gritty details and frankly, I just as soon make the decisions myself. But, with all these decisions, it's great to see others are also lamenting over the same issues.

I would also like to hear peoples experience with Decora cabinets, specifically regarding their opaque finish. I received my sample cabinet doors today and am quite disappointed. I ordered four different doors, all had some imperfection: some had rough spots, some had dings, and on one, the painted surface did not completely cover up to the edge. I don't know if this is because it is a sample, or an indication of their quality. Would love to hear from others their opinion of the quality of the opaque finish. Also the joints on the frame are quite obvious. Is this common with opaque cabinets from other cabinet manufactures?

We're actually thinking of picking up this line. They're a division of Masterbrand and the sales rep gave me the Decora book to peruse in response to my speaking with him about Bertch (we deal in Legacy).I seem to remember (I've only been through the book once though--take this with a grain of salt) Decora being a particleboard box by default and plywood being an upcharge, but I could be wrong. Nor do I remember how thick the plywood is; I know most companies are 1/2", whereas Bertch is 5/8".Also, ask about door construction. Bertch stains the pieces prior to construction, so that when there's shrinkage (and there always seems to be some) you don't see bare wood. My own cabinets (Timberlake maple--wyoming square I think) are having that issue right now.

I guess I need to decide if I am comfortable with the splits at the mitered corners. (my cabinet man says the split is okay as long as it is not wide enough to insert a business card). Also concerned about the upkeep on a white kitchen. I no longer have children at home, and am not sloppy, but still worry about the general wear of white cabinets. I love the look of a white kitchen, but had not thought about these details. I would love to hear more of your comments about Decora and white kitchens.

I have the Decora cabinets here in my current home and love them. They are dark cherry stained and gorgeous. I would get them again if the color I wanted was offered. I must say that the hinges are pretty crappy but they have changed that since I ordered 10 years ago.

Well, I have ordered the cabinets. Demo scheduled for December 3. Not sure about installation day due to possible floor issues that will only be revealed (or may not exist) when the old vinyl is taken up. Now I am worried that I will hate the lazy suzan corner wall cabinet that I ordered because it will cover so much counter space. We visited someone this weekend who did NOT have one and it seemed like it would have been just fine. And DH does not like the idea of the angled cabinet, so lots of pressure there. I will write again when I see the cabinets to let you know if the quality is as hoped.

Just following up. To be specific, I would love to hear from those of you who have opaque painted cabinets by Decora. What is your opinion of the paint application? Seems like those of you who have the wood stain are satisfied, but what about those of you who have the opaque doors. I am particularly interested because the sample doors that I received were disappointing. Paint seems a little thin on the body of door and in the mitered corners. The door and color are beautiful and I like the cabinet dealer. Would like to finalize my decision, but am unsure. Would appreciate your opinions. Thanks again.

I purchased Decora kitchen cabinets 5 years ago. In that time I have had 3 different shelves fall due to the failure of the pins that hold up the shelves. Once this happens, the holes are too large to hold the shelf at the same level.When trying to replace pins and shelf in original position shelves have fallen on my arm and on my hand. When I contacted Decora directly regarding the failure of the pins to hold; they ignored my complaint and referred me to my original dealer for replacement pins. I would never purchase Decora cabinets again and will advise anyone who asks to avoid these cabinets due to the poor design of the pins that hold the shelves.

We love our completed kitchen but not Decora Cabinets. The cabinet store made so many mistakes and Decora failed to help us in any way. They gave us lip service, was rude, and just wore us out whereby we gave up. Our builder had to retrofit their mistakes at the cost of $1200 dollars. We were lucky that the carpenters were good. Terrible company, unbelieveable "no service policy>"

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Decora Cabinets are custom and semi-custom cabinets with both exceptional quality and great value. These cabinets are made of plywood box and have an outstanding reputation. With more than 2,000 Sherwin Williams paint colors and a wide range of door styles, wood types, and finishes, Decora Cabinets are a great option for your remodeling project.

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Decora cabinets trendy, timeless, and built by hand for lasting beauty.A kitchen is a place for the whole family to gather. Make it authentic with our newest collection of full overlay doors. The Decora cabinets give your kitchen a sense of comfort and casual elegance. 041b061a72

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