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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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The Empty SpacesNew Amsterdam : Season 5 Episode 9

The seediness of the area was featured prominently in such films as Midnight Cowboy[163] (1969), Born to Win[164] (1971), and Taxi Driver (1976).[165] The area was shown in the 1980 film Times Square, which featured a punk rock/new wave soundtrack.[166] It was also depicted in the 2011 movie New Year's Eve.[167] The area also appeared on The Amazing Race as the starting location in a race around the world in the first episode of the show's 25th season,[168] as well as on the sixth season of the Israeli edition of The Amazing Race with teams finishing their second leg in Times Square.[169]

The Empty SpacesNew Amsterdam : Season 5 Episode 9


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