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Rocky Handsome Movie Tamil Dubbed in 720p - A Review

Rocky Handsome is a 2016 Indian action thriller film directed by Nishikant Kamat and starring John Abraham, Shruti Hassan, Nishikant Kamat, and Sharad Kelkar. The film is an official remake of the 2010 Korean film The Man from Nowhere. The film tells the story of Rocky, a mysterious man who runs a pawn shop and forms a bond with a young girl named Naomi, who is kidnapped by a drug cartel. Rocky sets out to rescue her and take revenge on the kidnappers, who also killed his wife and unborn child.

The film was released in Hindi and dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages. The Tamil dubbed version of the film is available in 720p HD quality on various online platforms. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, who praised the action sequences and John Abraham's performance, but criticized the weak plot and excessive violence. The film was a moderate success at the box office, earning 65.57 crore worldwide.


The Plot

The film begins with Rocky (John Abraham) killing four men who try to rob his pawn shop. He then goes to a nightclub, where he meets Anna (Nathalia Kaur), a drug addict and a former bar dancer. He takes her home and gives her some money to start a new life. Anna has a young daughter named Naomi (Diya Chalwad), who lives in the same building as Rocky. Naomi is fond of Rocky and often visits his shop. She calls him "Handsome" and considers him as her best friend.

One day, Anna and Naomi are kidnapped by a drug cartel led by Kevin Pereira (Nishikant Kamat), who wants to recover a missing consignment of drugs that Anna had stolen from them. Rocky learns about their abduction from the police and decides to rescue them. He tracks down one of the kidnappers, Mantoo (Uday Tikekar), and tortures him for information. He then kills Mantoo's men and frees Anna, who tells him that Naomi is still with Kevin.

Rocky then goes after Kevin, who has taken Naomi to Goa. He faces resistance from the local police, who are corrupt and work for Kevin. He also encounters Attila (Kazu Patrick Tang), a ruthless assassin hired by Kevin to kill Rocky. Rocky manages to evade Attila and reaches Kevin's hideout, where he finds Naomi tied to a chair with a bomb attached to her chest. He disarms the bomb and frees Naomi, but is confronted by Kevin and his men.

A fierce fight ensues, in which Rocky kills Kevin's men one by one. He then faces Kevin, who reveals that he was the one who killed Rocky's wife Rukshida (Shruti Hassan) and their unborn child eight years ago. He also tells him that Rocky's real name is Kabir Ahlawat, a former RAW agent who went rogue after his family's death. Rocky then kills Kevin by stabbing him in the eye with a spoon.

Rocky then takes Naomi to the hospital, where he meets ACP Dilip Sangodkar (Sharad Kelkar), an honest cop who has been investigating the case. Dilip tells him that he knows his true identity and sympathizes with him. He also tells him that he has arranged for Naomi's adoption by a good family. Rocky thanks him and bids farewell to Naomi, who gives him a locket as a token of their friendship. Rocky then leaves the hospital, while Dilip watches him go.

The Review

Rocky Handsome is a film that tries to be a stylish and gritty action thriller, but fails to deliver on both counts. The film suffers from a weak script, poor direction, and lack of originality. The film is a scene-by-scene copy of the Korean original, which was much better in terms of story, execution, and emotion. The film also lacks logic and coherence, as it jumps from one action sequence to another without any proper connection or explanation.

The film's only saving grace is John Abraham, who gives a decent performance as the brooding and badass protagonist. He carries the film on his shoulders with his impressive physique and action skills. He also shares a good chemistry with Diya Chalwad, who plays the cute and innocent Naomi. The rest of the cast is mediocre, with Nishikant Kamat hamming it up as the main villain, Shruti Hassan having a brief and forgettable role as Rocky's wife, and Sharad Kelkar being wasted as the cop.

The film's action scenes are well-choreographed and shot, but they are also excessively violent and gory. The film does not shy away from showing blood, gore, and brutality, which may not appeal to everyone. The film also has a dark and gloomy tone, which makes it depressing and dull to watch. The film's music is average, with only one song, Rehnuma, being catchy and melodious.

Overall, Rocky Handsome is a film that fails to live up to its title. It is a disappointing and unnecessary remake of a superior film, that offers nothing new or exciting. The film is only recommended for hardcore fans of John Abraham and action movies, who can tolerate the violence and the flaws. The Tamil dubbed version of the film is available in 720p HD quality on YouTube and Isaimini. You can also watch the original Hindi version on JustWatch.

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