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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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I am currently disecting Cascade Vine to test the hop resistance of their Lacto strain. I pitched the dregs into 3 jars, one with lactose, one with maltose and one with dextrose. All were incubated in a water bath around 110F. Within 24hrs dextrose had hit pH 3.8, while maltose and lactose were around 4.3. Within 48hrs matlose was at pH 3.6, dextrose at 3.8 and lactose 4.3. I then made up a mix of maltose, dextrose, yeast nutrient, dead yeast cells and loaded with citra hops. I inoculated a jar with the cascade dextrose culture and another jar with a culture propagated from malt. After 24hrs of incubation both were at pH 4.3. I will continue to monitor them for the next few weeks/months.

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