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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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[S3E11] If I Only Had Raw Brain Fix

Meanwhile, the situation with Sally grows even more intense. She is literally wasting away and it is only a matter of days - perhaps even hours - before she succumbs to her rotting illness. Josh wants to put an end to this once and for all. Nora, Sally and he march down to the Miller Avenue Community Kitchen and Josh is prepared to shoot the witch responsible for Sally's condition, Donna Gilchrist. When they get to the site however, they are shocked to see that the entire building has disappeared. Hope seems lost and they all return home.

[S3E11] If I Only Had Raw Brain


The opening scene between Josh and Aidan showed a side to the latter I hadn't seen for a very long time. I can't recall a time when he was so cold. To him, it was no big deal that he turned against the entire species to which his best friend and his fiancee belonged, if only he had named Pete as forbidden fruit, as well. That's not Aidan - or is it? Have I really been so blind to what he really is because he can be so sexy and brooding?

The band released their self-funded full-length album, Union on 14 September 2009. It was exclusively released via iTunes with the lead single "Evacuate" (previously a limited edition vinyl release in 2008) hosted as "iTunes single of the week". Within 5 days of its release, Union peaked at No. 4 in the iTunes UK top 100 album chart, and reached No. 2 in the alternative chart (second only to Kings of Leon's late 2008 album Only by the Night). The album was released as a physical copy worldwide in August 2009.

They were the first band to partner with HMV in the UK to manufacture, promote and distribute an independent band's album due to the fact that the band could not afford to make Union available on CD, hence the digital-only release.[8]

Due to the lack of a physical copy in 2009, Union could not enter the official UK chart based on downloads alone despite high charting positions, a situation which achieved media coverage in NME,[9] The Daily Telegraph,[10] and The Evening Standard.[11] This led to the band becoming the first musical act in history to break into the Billboard Album Chart on a digital only release.[12]

On 7 November 2012, the band announced the release of their two volume B-Sides & Rarities Collection, Vol. 1 & 2, which contains tracks that had been previously recorded, but not included on initial releases of any of the studio albums. Volume one focused on material before and around the band's debut, Exits, and volume two included tracks that were released around and after Union, as well as some rarities that didn't make the cut or were included as bonus tracks for The Cold Still. The two part collection is available for download only on most major online music retailers.

Finally, killing Hannah serves to further isolate the Delinquents. Week by week the parent figures are being disposed of: Kane is in Polis with Pike, Abby is ALIE-chipped, Lincoln, Lexa, and Hannah are now dead. Even Murphy lost Emori, his only real ally. Watch out, Sinclair (please no!). Now, in the face of this looming evil, they are really all alone.

But in a season about pain and grief, it would be one sided to only talk about internalized suffering. The truth is that sometimes, when people are hurting, they lash out (like Octavia beating Bellamy to a pulp). They make hurtful choices, even if those choices are things that they need to do (like Clarke irradiating Mount Weather, thus killing Maya). Other people, their wellbeing and their lives, are collateral damage. How do people begin to make that right?

Liv and Blaine come to the rescue of one of their own. They consume the brains of a conspiracy theorist and paranoia ensues. Meanwhile, as they continue to search for conspiracy theories that may or may not exist, Liv researches Major's new friend. Finally, Ravi makes a surprising discovery of his own. Malcolm Goodwin and Aly Michalka also star.[1]

Liv and Blaine, under self-inflicted rage and in full-zombie mode, ambush the hideout of Bo and Harley Johns and company, the right-wing conspirators fixated on revealing the zombie outbreak. Liv, Blaine, and Ravi manage to subdue most of the assailants despite getting shot. Bo is killed but Harley manages to escape. A detachment of Fillmore-Graves arrives in full combat gear and assists the survivors. Don E., Liv, and some others feast on Bo Johns' fresh brain. Liv has now taken an extremely paranoid demeanor, taking precautions such as covering webcams, masking conversations with loud music, and creating deep conspiracies out of anything. Fillmore-Graves finds some weapons with a high-probability to being linked to the murders of Wally Tuttle-Reid and family but Liv takes them to confirm via ballistics testing. Peyton find a safety deposit box key in James Weckler's possessions. She summons his daughter Tatum, to pry for the SD card from the hidden camera from the dominatrix sessions. She eventually complies and leads Peyton to the box with the SD card. Before leaving, she realizes Tatum is a zombie by watching her experience a vision.

Fillmore-Graves soldiers, using Harley Johns' bugged truck, goes to a remote cabin. However, Liv has a vision and realizes Harley knew the truck was bugged and is using it as a trap. She notifies them and they cancel the ambush but not before two soldiers are killed by a landmine. Liv reveals to Major that his partner Shawna, is posting their personal exploits on her Tumblr page. Major confronts and breaks up with her. Former district attorney Floyd Baracus, wins the mayor-elect position for mayor of Seattle, making him a likely candidate for first zombie mayor of Seattle. Peyton theorizes that Baracus, also a former patron of the dominatrix, uses Tatum and James Weckler to cover his affairs due to his then-status as assistant district attorney. He supposedly turned Tatum into a zombie and promised to supply her with brains if her father James, steals the memory card from Roxanne. However, James botches the job, kills Roxanne, goes to jail, and Baracus has the prison guard kill James to cover his tracks. Then the prison guard disappears to tie all loose ends. Liv and Clive go to the remote cabin of Harley Johns and discover a hidden, underground shelter. Inside, they catch Johns asleep on a couch. Clive goes to arrest him under the murders for Wally and company as Liv hears chatter on a nearby CB radio which triggers a vision showing that Johns was not involved in their murder. Before she can say anything, Johns fires a gun from under his blanket and Clive returns fire, killing Johns, before Liv can reveal that he was innocent.

Leonard is not surprised by Penny's reaction as he invites his mother in. He makes tea for her to exact instructions just like Sheldon does, however, it was now cold. Beverly only had sex with her husband for procreation which they wrote papers about. Sheldon wants to hear more about her sex life. He can get the papers from the Princeton University Press; however, the PowerPoint slides are on her other laptop. Sheldon and Leonard debate about their mothers. Sheldon finds Beverly fascinating and Leonard had the childhood that he wanted.

Leonard now could really use a drink, so he goes over to Penny's who is well ahead of him due to her analysis by Beverly. Beverly and Sheldon went to the hospital so that she could scan Sheldon's remarkable brain. Penny had also had not gotten an anti-depressant commercial because she was too perky. Leonard describes more of his miserable childhood and how he built a hugging machine which had two radio controlled arms just to have some human contact. Worse yet, his father used to borrow it.

However, in the morning, Penny wants to give Leonard an explanation and an apology for her actions, but Leonard understands what she is talking about and begs her never to talk of the night before ever again. Penny runs into Beverly when she is leaving and again is in tears by the time they reach the lobby. She wants Penny to have sessions with her, provided Penny is willing to go to New Jersey and go through a brain scan while doing so.

Cam asks Angela to give Hodgins a message. The toxicology results came back negative for alcohol and sedatives but were positive for steroids. Angela does not seem happy about having to relay this information to her boyfriend. Later, Booth is talking to the coach and tells him RJ had been taking steroids. The coach explains that he has a zero-tolerance policy towards steroids due to him developing terminal brain cancer from the drug. This means he had no motive for murdering RJ, as money and the future are basically moot points for him. He gives Booth full permission to test his players. The results reveal that RJ and another member of the team had gonorrhea, as well as the fact that one of the players substituted his urine for another player's in order to hide steroid use. 041b061a72

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