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VERIFIED Download From IntoUpload [117 MB]

Despite the importance of uploads for a lot of newer network stuff it's still primarily downloads that use up most of the bandwidth (think streaming video). Therefore poor contention will show up on downloads before uploads.

Download from IntoUpload [117 MB]

With a 100/40 FTTP plan with internode. Tested on an old Toshiba laptop fitted with a cheapo AC600 USB adaptor, much quicker than the on board card, upload in the high 30's but download variable, topped out around 38. Using a D-link 2877AL modem/router, so nothing special.Very happy after years of slooooow ADSL2+ 450kbs at best :)

Enjoy ... while it lasts ... Speaking at the ASTRA conference in Sydney in September, Morrow said that since the launch of Netflix, the data consumption of an average NBN customer has surged from 78 gigabytes a month in March to 121GB in August. The swell in data consumption represents an overall traffic increase of 55 per cent in six months.

I've been getting downloads between 2.5 and 10 Mbps and uploads 3mbps, although that varies a little. Ping is between 39-50. I have no real idea what that all means, but I do know it's slow. I'm waiting to hear from the NBN what they plan on doing to fix it. It was in the 20's. Im on on 25/5plan. Does that sound right?

So if it is suffering from congestion either they have undercooked the backhaul to the Point of Interconnect (POI) or perhaps the node is sick like a parrot?!? In the first case they should be able to dial up more bandwidth ... but I have no idea how fast NBNtm will action requests I anticipate at some point as the reach of their network expands that response times may blow out if they haven't got the process right.

-result/4808711832Carrier: Mynetfone Speed or tier 2 which is supposed to be 25mbits Down and 5 mbits up. The reality is quite different as seen from the test. I've conducted numerous tests and they all indicate insufficient back haul. Unlimited plans are useless with this provider!

This is a problem I have described in another part of this Forum. All speed test results don't in my mind give actual download speeds when using the type of sites you have suggested. I too use these sites and am on ADSL2+ when a speed test site suggests I get 8/10mbs in reality I get anywhere from 4/180kbs when downloading from these type of sites due to many factors ie: congestion,distance from exchange and so on. This is where the actual download speeds can be seen and reported upon. If just downloading program updates and such then the speed is more like the test results. I am looking at a 12/1 nbn plan but have been asking if this will be of any benefit or would I need to look at the higher end plans. I too would appreciate some advice on this subject.

I had this same issue upgrading from 25/5 to 100/40. Turns out MyNetFone had lifted the speed limiting on their end but provisioning the speed change on NBNco's end had not occurred, so the 25/5 speed profile was still in place on my NTD port. I'd say the same thing has happened to you.

egCollingwood Park Qld. I am with iiNet on 100/40 plan. (Yes, nbn)Most of the time I get a download speed in the high 80's low 90's.Sometimes a slow-down during peak with download dropping to 40mbps

My friend next door on a the same speed tier plan but with Optus, has great results (low 90's) early mornings, but from about 4:30 pm it starts dropping badly and even as late as 11:00pm it can be down to 10, 8, or even 4mbps.

Hi VT25. Have you decided which provider to go with? I'm in Parkinson not too far from you. Optus have a good deal with their $95 Entertainment bundle, but the "entertainment" portion will be useless with a bad connection. Neighbours near us have Telstra NBN & they love it but Telstra is more expensive. I'm in the same boat as you trying to work out who to go with... My understanding is the Acacia Ridge exchange has been fixed and the NBN should be good. I have another post going to see if any other Optus customers in the area can confirm that.

Long answer. Cable is different to xdsl service where closer to exchange equals better quality and speed.Cable runs from a node, which connects to a CMTS in the area and then a "TAP" where customets can feed off that. (Basic rundown)

This speed variation has got me thinkin' .When I wrote the critical information summaries at the start of 90's for my previous employer, Committed Information Rate and Peak Information Rate were very much part of it. When the Communication Alliance "borrowed" our critical information summaries from our website in the new century, this was left out for a lot of reasons.

The lowest plan (25/5) has speeds near the theoretical top of ADSL 2+ but from what I can see Daw Park has FTTP so for a little bit more per month you can get 100/40 which is much better than ADSL 2+. FTTN speeds depend on line distance from the node to the house while fibre can go for kilometers and have no speed loss.

The lowest plan (25/5) has speeds near the theoretical top of ADSL 2+ but from what I can see Daw Park has FTTP so for a little bit more per month you can get 100/40 which is much better than ADSL 2+.

Like Mr.Wizzard I am on iinet cable in Ballarat Victoria. I am however on the new 100/20 1000 gig half price ( for 12 months) cable plan. So 39.99 for the first 12 months, then 79.99 on going. The speeds I am getting are constantly above 100 Mbps download and my upload rarely drop below 20 Mbps ... so I am pretty happy with the speeds and data and price... here are some of my speeds... -result/5138434851or more comprehensive

Just join Belong today. Honestly I didnt research about this company beforehand just quickly move from sicky ClubTelco adsl2+ Unlimited which I had paid for $67 monthly plus home phone which I dont need.

Extremely annoyed about this (to say the least). There's no major faults on the map about it either. Got NBN on Tuesday. Started off 80 down and 65 up. Quickly descended into upload of 17-30 Mbps with an Upload of 20-35 Mbps. Yesterday it was at 7Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload. It has nothing to do with the NBN box itself because if I plug an ethernet cable into my laptop and connect it to the box, i get download speeds of 98Mbps!!! THIS IS A JOKE

Yesterday it was at 7Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload. It has nothing to do with the NBN box itself because if I plug an ethernet cable into my laptop and connect it to the box, i get download speeds of 98Mbps!!! THIS IS A JOKE

I've heard that NBN will guarantee you a minimum speed (12mbit rings a bell?) but has anyone seen this in writing anywhere, either from NBN or an isp?Currently my line syncs at 1.5mbit and is hell flakey. I'm worried I'll pay for NBN and still have shocking speeds

Hi Just joined the forum as I have seen some disgruntled NBN users on here and I wanted to see if I could add my two bobs worth in and perhaps get some advice.I have been with Westnet (iinet) for years and it was just natural to go with them when my NBN was installed. I only opted for the 12Mbs plan as it was significantly higher than our ADSL (or so I thought). Since installation I have had download speeds as low as 9Kb/s (not Mbs), average is around 11Mbs Line speed and 1.2 Mbs Download. I complained over several days about the speed and dropouts. NBN blamed iinet and iinet blamed NBN. In the end I said if you cant give me what i'm paying for within 24 hours I want to cancel. 24 hours later I received a text message to say my service was cancelled. I immediately went to Telstra and signed up for their 25mbs service.I installed their modem last night and there is no difference in speed according to ozspeedtest.Is this typical of what is going on and how do I go about getting a line speed I can use as this is worse than dialup?

Getting 83/38 on speed test throughout the day.Paying for 100/40, about 250m from the node, but its on the other side of the street.I have Telstra Air enabled, it aparently dedicates some bandwidth to that, ill switch it off and see.EDIT: Lol, gained 2mb on speed test, may as well leave it on.

This suggests your node is over 1km in line distance away from you or there is some seriously unwanted noise issue on your copper path to the node. If you are indeed more than 1km away from your node in line distance then you are on the best you can get. VDSL2 is an at best "up to" 100/40 depending on numerous factors.

However I find this to be an absolute crock and have crappy online file download experiences. My NBN experience is more consistent with every other speed test site rather than which I have found to be way off!

Both tests sitting right next to the modem, with no one else connected on the 100/40 tier.My bedroom is the furthest point from the modem, upstairs, looking at putting a range extender in between.The modem is just the Sagemcom F@ST3864V2, I'd like to replace this but it's my mother-in-laws place... If I were to replace it, I'd need a certain WiFi speed increase to get it through the finance committee.

From the perspective of an ADSL 2 user they are good speeds but when you look at the % of your fluctuations from what you are actually paying for it still a large variation. We would not accept this with a motor vehicle's fuel usage.

So can i ask.How to find out my distance from whatever node im going to put on.there was a guy called Rengang could help me was there notAlmost all the nodes are up in my area.there is one 2 doors up from me on my side of street.other one is 400 mtrs or so away.

Got connected to NBN FtN last week and don't feel it is any faster then ADSL. Ran test with Telstra from my laptop on wifi. Two other computers also on line; one earthernet downloading itunes movie keeps stopping (buffering?). The other another lap top on wifi. Only web browsing for lap tops. Bigpond plan is 100Mbps download, 2Mbps upload. Test results: 041b061a72

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