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Where To Buy Hydraulic Cylinders

Bailey designs, manufactures and sources the highest quality hydraulic cylinders available. Whether your application is manufacturing, automotive, construction, agriculture, forestry, or OEM, we can provide the perfect hydraulic cylinder for your purpose. Browse our cylinder types below.

where to buy hydraulic cylinders

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We offer a wide variety of bore sizes and lengths, so you are sure to find the exact hydraulic cylinder that you need. Are you looking for hydraulic power packs? No problem! We carry those as well. You can view our inventory HERE. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

As a hydraulic equipment supplier, Magister Hydraulics offers a variety of hydraulic cylinders for sale to satisfy most of the hydraulic market needs in the USA. Read more... All of the Magister hydraulic cylinders are manufactured in Europe under ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate and with accordance with US industrial standards. Most of the raw materials used for hydraulic cylinders are sourced locally, within Europe outreach. As a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we produce most of the standard cylinders that we keep on shelf in our own US based warehouse located in New Jersey. Standard size hydraulic cylinders are picked and shipped within one business day from the date of order received via FedEx ground. Among our standard cylinder offers, you can find anything from single acting hydraulic cylinders, double acting hydraulic cylinders, tie-rod cylinders to rephasing cylinders.

The most common cylinder sizes that are available in stock are as follows: Cylinder Bore diameters: 1.5 inch Bore, 2 inch Bore, 2.5 inch Bore, 3 inch Bore, 3.5 inch Bore, 4 inch Bore, 5 inch Bore, 6 inch Bore. Hydraulic Rod diameters: 1 inch Rod, 1.125 inch Rod, 1.25 inch Rod, 1.5 inch Rod. 1.75 inch Rod, 2 inch Rod, 2.5 inch Rod, 3 inch Rod. Cylinder Stroke: Anywhere from 4 inch stroke to 48 inch stroke with most of the increments of 2 inch.

On top of the standard cylinder offerings, we are an oem hydraulic equipment manufacturer with almost limitless possibilities. Magister Hydraulics manufactures custom cylinders of any complexity with a bore size anywhere from 1.5 inch and up to 8 bore hydraulic cylinders. All custom cylinders we build are made according to customer requirements and needs, including different options for hydraulic tubing, hydraulic rod plating, seals, mounting ends, pressure ratings, color options and packaging & labeling. Our cylinders operate for over two decades on most of the mobile applications such as: agriculture, earth moving, oil & gas, transportation, material handling, forestry and manufacturing.

Hydraulic cylinders are often tasked with operating under rugged work conditions. From extreme climate temperatures to demanding pressure and force requirements, aftermarket hydraulic cylinders and component part replacements must be manufactured with durability and performance in mind.

HCI understands the concerns facing manufacturers, end-users, and resellers when selecting aftermarket hydraulic cylinders and component part replacements for hydraulic systems. Every detail matters, and we work closely with you to ensure you buy the hydraulic cylinder replacement or component part that best matches the requirements of your specific industry, application, or equipment.

HCI is your supplier for telescopic hydraulic cylinder replacements. Our currently stocked inventory includes single-acting and double-acting options. Ideal for dump trucks and platform truck trailers, our telescopic cylinders are available with up to five stages.

Welded rod hydraulic cylinders offer durability and excellent performance for applications involving limited space and demanding work environments. Our options include cylinder replacements for equipment made by Bobcat, Kubota, John Deere, and other leading manufacturers.

HCI supplies the NFPA tie-rod cylinders you need. Shop our built-to-order tie-rod hydraulic cylinder replacements made from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. We also offer heavy-duty cylinder options. Our tie-rod hydraulic cylinders are ideal for heavy-duty industrial manufacturing applications.

Prevent and limit oil and other fluid loss during hydraulic cylinder maintenance work with the Mighty Tank Holder from HCI. Simple to use, the Mighty Tankholder is the first and only tool on the market specifically designed to limit and prevent draining when pathways are disconnected for service or repairs.

Hydraulic cylinder component parts for new or existing hydraulic systems allow your cylinders to operate as designed. Our store of built-to-last seals, end caps, mounts, and other component parts supports manufacturers such as Atlas, Hyco, Hyva, Miller, Marion, Parker, Rexroth, and more.

Design a hydraulic cylinder that meets your application-specific requirements. Finite element analysis allows us to pinpoint design strengths and weaknesses to engineer custom hydraulic cylinders that withstand any demands. American-made for reliability and high performance, custom hydraulic cylinders from HCI will minimize your equipment downtime and eliminate hydraulic system inefficiencies.

In addition to manufacturing cylinders, Yates Cylinders also offers hydraulic cylinder repair services. No matter which type of cylinder you have, we can offer repair, rebuild or replacement services. Contact us today for more details.

A hydraulic cylinder, also referred to as a linear hydraulic motor, is a mechanical actuator powered by hydrostatic energy. These mechanical devices are engineered to create a unidirectional force, either by pushing or pulling. The cylinder can generate a linear force through hydrostatic energy produced by the hydraulic pump. The pressurized fluid generates hydraulic power inside the cylinder at the rate at which this fluid moves inside the device.

Hydraulic actuators produce direct motion from hydraulic fluid pressure. Both single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders are used in a variety of commercial applications. However, many cylinders used in large-scale manufacturing or construction projects are double-acting because they have multiple ports and the pressure may be applied to either end of the device. Double-acting actuators can create both retraction and extension forces. On the other hand, single-action configurations have only one port and create torque by allowing hydraulic fluid to flow into the cylinder in one direction.

Finally, hydraulic cylinders are durable and can be operated in harsh conditions. They can handle shock loads and are reliable in outdoor applications with regular temperature changes and extreme weather elements. However, hydraulic performance can be affected after a long time operating under harsh conditions. Therefore, actuators should be serviced regularly to prevent premature seal failure.

Hydraulic cylinders are used in a variety of construction, manufacturing and engineering applications. Actuators are becoming increasingly common in the construction industry. Many types of equipment, including bulldozers, forklifts, jacks, cranes and excavators use actuators to generate linear movement. In the facilities industry, hydraulic elevators utilize sizeable compound telescoping actuators. In the automotive sector, actuators are used in brakes for drums and calipers.

Yates Cylinders is a respected leader in the hydraulics industry. We have many hydraulic cylinders for sale, including tie rod, welded, mill duty and pneumatic. We can repair any type of actuator and we also specialize in building custom hydraulic devices for a variety of industrial applications.

Used in construction, manufacturing, mining and offshore industries, a hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator that can be used in any application that requires a strong push or pull force. Cylinders provide power to heavy pieces of equipment including backhoes, dump trucks and other mobile pieces of machinery.

Hydraulic cylinders were first used during the Industrial Revolution to increase the output and mechanical capabilities of factories. Today, cylinders are used in most industries that require heavy equipment to pull and lift loads.

If you are interested in purchasing a hydraulic system, there are various options available including tie rod, welded and mill duty cylinders. Before looking for hydraulic cylinders for sale, you need to decide if a single acting or double acting cylinder is best for your application. Read below for more details to help you purchase the best cylinder for your business.

Tie-rod cylinders are ideal for heavy lifting because they have a bulkier, more sturdy design than other configurations. This type of design is also commonly used in plastics manufacturing and other industrial settings.

Commonly used in lifting applications, single-acting cylinders work when force extends the cylinder and another force retracts it. Single-action configurations generally have one port for the connection and generate push or pull by allowing hydraulic fluid to pour into the cylinder in one direction. The weight of the material being carried then causes the cylinder to retract. Unlike other types of hydraulic systems, some single action cylinders do not utilize pistons at all. Many cylinders only need a piston rod to move outward.

A double-acting cylinder, in contrast, has a minimum of two ports and generates push and pull in both directions. The cylinder works by allowing the hydraulic fluid to enter through one end of the port and exit through the other. This process causes the extension and the retraction of the machine. Double-acting applications can be used in any machine where a pressurized linear movement is needed.

They are commonly used in mobile industries such as harvester head tilt and boom extension. Both single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders are capable of causing an extension and a retraction in a machine. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of system and which type of design you choose depends on the function of your business. 041b061a72

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