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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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[S2E15] Surf And Turf __LINK__

For the Mystery Box Challenge, they had surf and turf day as they were given jumbo shrimp, Alaskan king crab, crawfish, Buffalo Ribeye, Porterhouse Steak and short ribs to create an amazing dish in only 45 minutes. Work fast competitors!

[S2E15] Surf and Turf

Afterwards, Dijonay and Duke enter a beach competition, as a reversal Sticky gets Penny to enter the contest with him. Meanwhile, Suga Mama and Papi enter as well and are used as side-comedy. The three teams made it to the final round, a surf contest. during the contest Dijonay and Sticky are more focused on showing off to one another. Finally, Sticky, Penny, Duke, and Dijonay lost to Suga Mama and Papi, leaving Dijonay back where she was with Sticky.

Enhanced speed or wind run: Airbenders enhance their movement in battle; they can run swiftly by decreasing air resistance around them and even sprint across or run up vertical surfaces by generating a wind current behind themselves to propel them forward. Aang used this to run many times faster than an average human and maintain this for long periods, allowing him to travel long distances without gliding or jumping. When used by a skilled airbender, this technique can enable the airbender to use it to travel at a speed almost too swift for the naked eye to be able to see properly.[9] A master airbender can use this technique to briefly run across water.[32]

Levitation: In the same way flying bison can fly and stay aloft for extended periods of time, a master airbender can achieve this same feat by generating and controlling air to form a cloud-like board under their feet and surf through the air, thereby emulating flight.[9] Avatar Kyoshi utilized this technique in a more lethal way by levitating and subsequently dropping Xu Ping An during a duel, making him fall to his death.[50]

Air scooter: The air scooter is a form of transportation invented by Aang in 2 BG.[58] It is a spherical "ball" of air that can be ridden balancing on it like a top. He used the technique in many episodes, usually to provide quick bursts of speed as well as to overcome vertical surfaces, including during the battle on the Fire Nation drill in order to scale the wall of Ba Sing Se.[14] The air scooter also allowed levitation for short periods, about five to ten seconds in a stationary position.[59] The air scooter was seen in the opening credits of every episode except the first,[9] and it first appeared in an actual episode when Aang used it to escape Zuko's ship.[4] It was Aang's invention of this technique that subsequently earned him his tattoos and title of a master at such a young age.[60][61] He taught the move to his airbending friends and, despite initial failure, they eventually mastered the art well enough to develop a game that requires the use of the air scooter.[54] Aang is also capable of conjuring an air scooter from little balls of air.[60] As an adult, he could create air scooters that were larger than those he conjured as a child and could ride them while standing upright.[62] Air scooters are not restricted to holding a single rider, as they can be used to transport others as well.[29]

Aang used his glider for windsurfing but later destroyed his damaged glider, though it was replaced at the beginning of the invasion of the Fire Nation by a more advanced version created by the mechanist and his son Teo, which can also dispense snacks when the handle is twisted.[67]

When visiting Roku's past during the summer solstice, Aang saw a younger version of his old mentor, Monk Gyatso, using a variation of the usual flying, utilizing the glider as a makeshift board to surf on air.[27] 041b061a72

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