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12 Dates Of Christmas

It was pretty revolutionary for HBO Max to cast Garrett Marcantel as a leading man on 12 Dates Of Christmas. He isn't the first-ever gay lead of a dating series, but this is arguably the biggest reality TV production with a gay lead to be released by a major network/streaming service. A lot of work - and investment - went into this series, which was shot in a beautiful Austrian mansion and featured all sorts of grandiose dates. Overall, Garrett got to know six great guys that he could choose from to bring back home and meet his parents over the holidays.

12 Dates of Christmas

The one thing I did love was the cute Christmas town it was set in. The book did give me feel good Christmas vibes, I mean there were a bunch of Christmas themed dates. It definitely felt like the kind of cute, Hallmarky, British town I would want to spend Christmas in.

We made a pact when we got married - one date a week no matter what! In this lifestyle blog we share our weekly dates, our family activities, and our favorite highlights of our life in hopes that readers feel inspired to go have their own experience feeling the lyrics "Friday I'm in Love".More About Us

The premise is pretty simple: squirrel away a castle full of singles with three leads all hoping to find someone to take home for the holidays. New suitors arrive unannounced (which sometimes leads to drama) and periodically the leads have to send their dates home. One of the most delicious parts about it all? Given that everyone is in one house, who is to say your only choices are being with a lead or going home alone?

Of the leads, there is Garrett who is hoping to find a nice fellow to bring to his home state of Louisiana. Currently working as a real estate agent in New York City, the show has set up quite the cast of dates for him. In the first three episodes alone we meet four men who are more or less all catches (ok maybe there's a few overly emotional moments.) Scroll on to find all of their Instagram accounts.

The premise of this book started out really strong. I loved the setting and the idea of holiday speed dating. The concept was great and the outcomes of some of the random pairings was hysterical. Plus the dates the couples went on sounded so fun (hello salsa dancing , gingerbread house making etc). The charming small English village was a big plus and I loved the villagers.

But that is where things kind of stalled for me. The main characters felt childish and immature almost form the beginning. Matt and Kate teased each other and bickered like brother and sister for most of the book that I had a hard time believing them to be harboring any romantic feelings toward one another. On her dates, Kate was really self aware and articulate when it came to expressing her feelings towards her dates and I admired that about her, but then she would be around Matt and it was like she was a completely different character.

The holiday-inspired show takes three singles and drops them in a luxurious Austrian castle, where they look for love by going on 12 picture perfect dates, including a masquerade ball and après-ski activities.

Looking for a holiday date night idea? You've come to the right place! We've rounded up 12 "dates" of Christmas, ranging from drive-thru light shows to cozy cooking classes to experience Ohio's Wine Country in a whole new way.

Enjoy a romantic dinner at Rennick Meat Market or Bascule Bridge Grille on Bridge Street before making your way to the Ashtabula Arts Center to enjoy an evening performance of The Nutcracker. This classic tale is presented by the Ballet Theatre Ashtabula. Be sure to book tickets in advance, certain dates are already sold out! 041b061a72

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