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Mame 0.153 Rom Set Game

If you'd like to nominate MAME 0.153 to 0.154 Update Pack for Retro Game of the Day, please submit a screenshot and description for it. The moment they are approved (we approve submissions twice a day..), you will be able to nominate this title as retro game of the day! (a nominate button will show up on this page..)

Mame 0.153 Rom Set Game

Download File:

Okay guys, took the plunge and downloaded the latest MAME. 0.181 I believe. Anyway, I have multiple questions. I've only gotten one game to work and I don't know how or why. I've tried other games and they all just give me that red error message saying "The selected machine is missing one or more required ROM or CHD images. Please select a different machine." What am I doing wrong? Is there something else I need to download? Is what I'm downloading the wrong version or incompatible with my MAME? Have I got the right thing in the wrong folder?

Also, MAME now has MESS in it, so it can emulate consoles, right? How the heck do I get it to do that? I've downloaded some BIOSes and put things where I thought they should go, but I can't get anything to show up on the menu to click on it to even try to start a game?

Anyway, I'm on 0.180 now and it definitely seems like a bigger pain than I remember. Not wanting to download things piecemeal but also not wanting like 30GB in a full romset, I downloaded a romset from an older version of MAME that was smaller, since I only care about games like pre-1990 or so anyway. And yeah, a whole bunch of them just don't work, even with the right BIOS installed.

No, 0.181 is fine. If you are using windows, mameui64 has a nice interface. See the Mame Gorf topic for one recently updated file [ -gorf-on-mameproblems/?p=3663162]. For console emulation press tab to bring up the menu for loading cartridge roms. Are you having trouble with older games or newer games? Give us some examples.

All those games load and play here and I'm using an old 0.153 rom set with mame 0.181. Although a couple of them have known issues they still load and play. Since you're using Windows, mameui64 does make things a little easier.

Okay, what do you mean by "0.153 rom set" and where can I get that? Is it a whole bunch of arcade roms that were made for version 0.153? And I tried downloading that file from mameui but it had some 7z extension or something that my computer couldn't open.

I think the mame 0.153 rom set is a set of roms that someone packaged together when that version of mame came out. These sets can be 30to50 GB large. If you do a google search now for a "mame rom set" you'll probably find a more up to date set (eg. _0_161_ROMs). Or you can download them individually at one of those rom file sharing sites.

Okay, so I download version 0.164 of mame for the dig dug game that says "Dig Dug (rev 1) ROM M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator/MAME 0.164 ROMs" on the page at Emuparadise and it still doesn't work and doesn't even bring it up in the list.

With some sets, common files can be shared between container files to save space rather than duplicating files. In some cases its possible a missing file is in a different container file. Some sets might duplicate the files so every container file is complete. I haven't really looked into it much since I've had little trouble running games.

Right now, I just have a folder named "mame" on the desktop with all the files extracted to it. The roms I download from emuparadise I put in the "roms" folder in the mame folder. I'm just wondering if there's something else I'm supposed to be putting in that folder? I see things for BIOSs every once in a while, and they say things like "you need this for the rom to work" but I haven't seen anything saying where to put those and the 1943 seems to work without anything extra.

Okay, I think I've got the hang of the arcade games. Downloaded and successfully played Joust, Defender, Frogger, Raiden, Space Invaders, Berzerk, Moon Patrol, Bosconian, and several others. (By "successfully played" I mean that I got them to run and respond to controls... I didn't get very far in any of them...)

Now the question is, how do I get console games to work? MAME now has MESS in it, so it should work for consoles, right? I downloaded an NES rom, but can't figure out how to access it to see if it works. I've also read that I have to load a rom dump or bios or whatever for the NES. Once I find one (which I haven't yet, so if anyone has any leads...) where do I put it? Does it just go in the same "ROMS" folder that everything else has gone in so far?

- due to the above point, the most headache-free approach to enjoying MAME will ALWAYS be to settle on a version of MAME that plays all the games you enjoy (note, most games worth playing have been running great for years), then locate a complete set of ROMS specifically for that MAME version. It will be a lot of data (20-30 gigs) but it's well worth it because a) you will have a bottomless pit of WORKING games to explore and b) having a complete set means you don't need to worry about obscure dependencies and parent roms and missing files and blah blah blah--if you have everything, you have everything, and things just work.

- once you get MAME up and running with a complete set of matched roms, there is no good reason to update when new versions of MAME are released. The only reason to do so would be if a new game gets added to the "properly emulated" list that you absolutely must have, but, again, all the good stuff has been running swimmingly for years. I've been using MAME v122 for 6-7 years now and it never lets me down.

1- New dumps become available. And game accuracy improves. Not that the old dumps were faulty. But it's like when Reactor and Gorf were first emulated. The "Game Program" itself was dumped and voila! We had the games up and running. But sound samples were also needed because information in the Votrax chip wasn't dumped. Now it has, and those two games were updated, changed, and now require the Votrax ROM so MAME can get rid of the samples and just synthesize the voices on the fly. Thus a new set of ROMS.

I also agree with picking a set that has the games you like. And it is very true that you don't need to update with every new release, unless it has NEW GAMES PROPERLY EMULATED that you want. You may even just settle in with one set, and as time goes on pick up new favorites piecemeal, a game here, an update there. If it gets out of hand, roll-em-up like those Windows Service Packs.

Just don't upgrade to the latest mame right away. Let other people figure out the issues first. As previously mentioned the roms don't change that often, and waiting a bit gives time for those that have changed to make their way around. When you do upgrade keep the old mame running. Point both versions to the same roms folder seperate from any mame folder.

I have like three versions of MAME going. My main set, and then 2 newer versions to cover a tiny amount of recently fixed games that were recently made ship-shape. Eventually I'll roll'em up into one. But there is no rush because everything is fully operational.

Now that most emulators are maturing less baggie-chasing has to be done. And that's a good thing. Think back to the early days. When each new version of MAME would add a significant amount of desirable games each version. First it was 6502 games, then Z80 games, then Atari XYZ system 45 blah blah games, then the dual 68000 games. You get the drift. You wanted each new version then.

I just recently got a nice laptop to replace my aging one and wanted to see what it would do. I went from a Dell Vostro 1700 Core2 Duo CPU T7250 with 4GB of RAM and a 256 gig hard drive that weighed about ten pounds, to an Asus with a Core i5-6200 with 12 GB RAM and a 1 TB hdd that weighs about half as much. I know it isn't the fastest thing out there, but it's a pretty damn nice upgrade. Also, it easily handles games like Metal Slug when I wonder if my old one could handle Berzerk!. I mean, I could probably get through the first whole level of Metal Slug by the time the old one booted up!

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