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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Out Of Our Minds - Learning To Be Creative - Ke...

Why don't we get the best out of people? Sir Ken Robinson believed that it's because we've been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers. Students with restless minds and bodies -- far from being cultivated for their energy and curiosity -- are ignored or even stigmatized, with terrible consequences. "We are educating people out of their creativity," Robinson said. It's a message with deep resonance. Robinson's first TED Talk has been distributed widely around the Web since its release in June 2006. The most popular words framing blog posts on his talk? "Everyone should watch this."

Out of Our Minds - Learning to Be Creative - Ke...

Robinson suggested that to engage and succeed, education has to develop on three fronts.[19] Firstly, that it should foster diversity by offering a broad curriculum and encourage individualisation of the learning process. Secondly, it should promote curiosity through creative teaching, which depends on high quality teacher training and development. Finally, it should focus on awakening creativity through alternative didactic processes that put less emphasis on standardised testing, thereby giving the responsibility for defining the course of education to individual schools and teachers. He believed that much of the present education system in the United States encourages conformity, compliance and standardisation rather than creative approaches to learning. Robinson emphasised that we can only succeed if we recognise that education is an organic system, not a mechanical one: successful school administration is a matter of engendering a helpful climate rather than "command and control".[17]

Our little sponge! She loves learning and never ceases to amaze us and make us incredibly proud! Abby spent a few weeks this summer at @engagingcreativeminds STEAM CAMP and I have to say it was the ABSOLUTE BEST thing we could have done! She was learning, creating, being challenged, but most of all she was having a BLAST. We are beyond lucky to be her parents, never change Abs. We love you!

The intellectual dimension encourages creative, stimulating mental activities. Our minds need to be continually inspired and exercised just as our bodies do. People who possess a high level of intellectual wellness have an active mind and continue to learn. An intellectually well person uses the resources available to expand one's knowledge and improve skills. Keeping up-to-date on current events and participating in activities that arouse our minds are also important.

Keneseth Israel does not believe that learning is reserved for the young alone. We have a thriving, innovative Religious School, but equally important, we offer a range of classes,study sessions, lectures and cultural activities that meet the needs of our adults. Ranging from Torah to Social Justice, music, arts and film to the study of Mussar and current topics, KI can help expand the minds of all who wish to participate. 041b061a72

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