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Buy Prescription Lenses

Prescription lenses for glasses are easy to buy online, if you follow our simple steps, and you can save more than half the cost compared to retail stores, for the same high quality lenses. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the steps, because the more you know about eyeglasses, the less money it will cost you!

buy prescription lenses

You can buy a frame with prescription lenses online. Or, you can send in frames for replacement prescription lenses (we call that "replacement lenses"). Replacement glasses lenses are perfect for online mail order.

When you go to your doctor for an eye exam, be sure to leave the office with a paper copy of your prescription with the pupil distance on it. State and federal law requires that doctors give you this information. Once you have it, you can then submit your prescription to us, and we will make your lenses accordingly.

The type of prescription eyeglass lenses you choose is determined by your lifestyle and your needs. It is not determined by your doctor, although a doctor can help you make your decision. For example, if you need your glasses only for distance vision, or only for reading, then single vision lenses are the best choice.

Choose progressive lenses if your prescription has a reading addition AND you want your prescription glasses lenses for both distance and reading/computer vision. Progressive lenses are also known as "no-line" bifocals; they are great for most people, but some people experience problems with progressive lenses. In these cases, regular bifocal lensess or trifocal lenses may be a better choice.

For us to make progressive lenses in new frames, we may ask you for a segment height measurement. For replacement lenses, we can read the segment height from the lenses so you don't need to send it to us.

Most of the time, your prescription will determine the best lens material to use. In general, a high index lens will be thinner, but ONLY if you have a high enough prescription. If your prescription is under +/-3.00, then spending more money on a higher index lens will not help you. Conversely, the thinnest lenses for a high prescription will be the higher index lenses.

This is a specialty material that is recommended as a substitute for polycarbonate lenses. It is used to make rimless glasses, and also for prescription sunglasses. It is more expensive than polycarbonate.

We only use the highest quality lenses available in the U.S. - Crystal Vision Lenses, and Varilux lenses. For every lens group, you will see a "good, better, best" choice within that group. We do not sell any low quality, cheap lenses.

Once you have used our easy step by step system for choosing the perfect lenses for your needs, it is time to checkout. If you have vision insurance, there is a hack to get the most out of your plan: Send your invoice to your insurance company and receive your out of network benefit. Follow this link to find your vision insurance plan.

We use Essilor to make all of our lenses. Essilor is the largest and highest quality eyeglass lens maker in the world, with over 200 lens labs in the United States alone. So when you ask to make your lenses, you are not getting a local guy cutting lenses in the back room on aged equipment. You are getting the very best plastic (or glass) lens, installed in a quality controlled, ISO 9000 lens-making laboratory. Your lenses pass through 16-21 quality control stations before they are finally released. If the lenses fail at any one of those stations, they are returned for further processing, or they are scrapped and begun again. Perfect lenses, guaranteed.

Five different groups are involved in the making of prescription lens. A problem in any one of these groups can lead to less effective lenses. The store you choose to make your lenses must insist on quality at every level in order for you to receive the best quality product. This kind of quality control is essential in order to ensure consistent results.

5) The person that cuts ("edges") the lens for your frame installs lenses so that the optical centers match the pupillary distance measurement. This could be an eyewear store employee, or lens laboratory.

There are hundreds of lens laboratories around the country, several in each state. A typical lens laboratory will do a minimum of a few hundred lenses a day with a large staff of highly trained and experienced technicians. A few optical stores (like Lenscrafters) have small surfacing facilities in each of their stores doing much smaller lens volume.

To surface a lens, the lens laboratory takes the blank and puts it through a series of grinding machines, which grinds the surface the lens and shapes it exactly to the specifications of the prescription. Lens laboratories also provide other services like edging and mounting, which optical stores can choose to use or not, depending on whether they want to do that work themselves. As with any custom service, the quality of the surfacing and any other services that the lab provides-- is determined by the experience and the expertise of the laboratory, its personnel, and the equipment it uses.

At, we only use labs that employ a large staff of highly trained technicians, doing a large volume of lenses every day. We do none our own edging services ourselves - all of it is done by our lens laboratories. Most of our orders require stock lenses; all of our custom surfacing work is done by lens laboratories. The laboratories that we use each have many years of experience and do thousands of lenses each week. Each lab that we use inspects each lens several times during the manufacturing process. When we receive the finished product from the lab, we do our own final inspection.

The optometrist (OD) or ophthalmologist (MD) that issues the prescription is not involved in the fashioning of the lens, but the prescription they issue is crucial to the overall effectiveness of the lens. Occasionally the OD or MD can issue a prescription that is not quite right. Also, it is possible for your eyes, and your prescription, to change rapidly during some stages of your life.

We offer the best lenses at super low prices. Our workmanship is amazing. Our turnaround time is crazy fast. Our customer service department is awesome. If you find a lower price, let us know. We match prices.

We waste no time. Since prescription lenses are custom made and require a few days for processing. We start that process as soon as we receive your order. Most orders are in and out of our lab within 24 hours.

Not only do we make it easy to replace lenses in your own frame and offer the lowest prices on the highest quality lenses available. We are also concerned about Covid. That's why we sanitize all orders before they are shipped.

So glad you asked! Our glasses brand, Liingo Eyewear, makes it easy to save on great-looking pairs with free prescription lenses, free shipping and returns, and an exclusive 15% off for contact lens wearers.

You can buy Prescription Lenses Only for your glasses and sunglasses frames. We install sunglass lenses in optical frames. In addition, we can install clear lenses that change color in sunglass frames. We carry authentic high quality lenses from Zeiss and Essilor. We cut lenses for single vision, line style bi-focals and progressive lenses. We have lenses that match your vision needs. We have the latest lenses from Zeiss such as Photofusion X lenses in all of the colors. We have the Zeiss BlueGuard blue blocking lenses. We have countless different AR or anti-glare choices for your glasses. We have Essilor Style Mirror, Essilor Style Colors, Zeiss Flash Mirrors and we can tint lenses for that special look you are after! Wanting to shop frames? We have a wide selection of frames. To see them click here! Click here to see us on YouTube.

Have been looking for a place to fill a Trivex RX prescription (Zeiss) and did not disappoint and not only are the lenses they offer (Zeiss or Essilor) outstanding but their quality of work on handling your own frames is the best in my experience. Thank you again will be sending more your way soon!

Due to an eye injury, I have one pupil that is stitched wide open, so I am light sensitive and getting Progressive eyeglasses that meet all my needs is not easy task. In my search for better eyeglasses, I found, and became intrigued. I sent an email and Jigsaw responded almost immediately. I was interested in tinted lenses, along with Zeiss Photofusion Extra Gray with Flash Mirror Silver, to help with my light sensitivity. We settled on a tinted gradient lens that would shield my eye in the office while giving me clear reading vision on the lower level of the lens. I chose the Zeiss SmartLife Individual Progressive lens and I could not be any happier. Aesthetically the lenses look Great, but even more importantly, my vision Clarity is Incredible! I want to Thank Jigsaw and Seemore for setting up a website that allows customers who have more advanced eyeglass needs or who just want something a little cooler that what is normally available.

Stumbled on a YouTube video showing lenses fitting for a Goliath glasses. I loved the blue gradient finish. 6 month later I got a GIGI studio glasses with Brown lenses. I wanted to change the lenses to my prescription. Sent the glasses to Free Prescription Lenses and asked to fit them with similar lenses to the one on the YouTube video. I received the glasses 10 days later, with amazing blue gradient lenses, top quality, so clear and sharp with my number. I am extremely satisfied, and planing to send another frame for fitting. Thank you Free Prescription Lenses! 041b061a72

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