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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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For hacking robots I figure the general assumption is that robots are basically closed systems, at least in combat mode if absolutely nothing else. That would mean remote hacking is right out since it would require you to directly interface with the bot via datajack/similar (not super feasible in combat unless you can render it helpless) or just crack it open and manually rewire it

Pummel Party full crack [hack]

For nano-repair, the robot brought to 0 hitpoints still repairs. The party can choose to spend time to fully dismantle the machine. 2 minutes if they just pummel it. A successful 20+cr engineering check reduces the time by 2d4 rounds. Since the machine repairs 1hp*cr per hour the decision to take time will be based on outside factors

They are the titans of golf in Ireland, the links that every American hack wants a crack at -- Ballybunion, Lahinch, Royal County Down, Royal Portrush and to a lesser extent, the European Club, Waterville, Doonbeg and Portmarnock. Obviously, Old Head and the K Club aren't links, but they belong on the Irish bucket list. I've played all of them, and most of them live up to the hype.

Okay, so 1 point for Body and 2 for Senses. So she belongs with the specialist classes. Along with the Ninja, Hunter and Druid. Her special ability is to heal 5 HP and 5 MP to the whole party whenever she blocks an attack. It is however strategically inadvisable to block (Take Cover), ever, in this game. Why is that? Because all taking cover does is reduce your Threat to zero. It makes you a non-target, although group attacks will still get you, but it's just the least productive response to low health. Meaning that, if you're in a fight and your Psion is one hit from death, there are any number of actions (an offensive spell to end the fight, a heal from someone else, a potion, a warding spell, even escaping to come back to the fight at full health) that would be better than taking cover, which doesn't even guarantee that the Psion won't get hit. Admittedly, sometimes it's a good move to Take Cover only because it lets you skip a turn, thereby not killing that Zombie who's literally on his last leg after you've wiped out the rest of his cohort and you want your Cleric or Paladin to get one more heal in before you move on to the next room in the dungeon. And actually, with the advent of the Knight, other players blocking increases his potential critical percentage. But you never want to block for the sake of blocking. Point made. So the only good reason to use her is with the Thief, who has a skill that gives automatic block when she's hit, which then means any time she's hit the party gets healed 5 HP and MP. In this case the block is an unqualified positive, since it's free, but the 5 healing is minimally effective even at low levels and unnoticeable at higher levels. The MP boost is a better bonus because max energy levels are lower overall, but again at high levels makes little impact. Still, if you have a Hunter or Ninja who already took the Rich Kid player, the only other option with a good Senses boost is the Goth. And the Goth is lame. The Goth herself, especially, is aware of this. It's why she's so macabre all the time.

Where the Paladin and the Warlock have failed, the Knight triumphs. This gives a boost, a very substantial boost, to both the Knight's Heath and Energy, +112 each, which together adds up to 224. As always, maxed at level 24. Adding them up is relevant, because this skill's other perk is that all incoming damage is divided equally between HP and MP. Just putting one point in this skill already makes your Knight a damage absorbing beast, the extra health and energy points are just gravy. The Knight has two active skills, which we'll cover shortly, and they're both pretty low in energy cost, not that it matters terribly as, kind of weirdly (seeing as you'd think the Mage or Warlock would have this) the Knight is the only class that can up his base energy with a skill. This is smart, unlike the Paladin who needs to nearly die for his skill to kick in at all or the Warlock who blows through energy like a crack addict does with his crack, and then starts drinking his own already small reserve of blood to do more crack (I mean, use magic). Also, this is going to make you more than tough enough, saving you the need to have a Second Skin. One thing to note here is how natural a fit the Knight is for the Rocker player, no matter how you build the Knight assuming you have at least 1 point in Discipline. It's a have your cake and eat it too situation, where the Knight can wear crazy heavy armor and shield(s) but still have full energy which actually counts as health. In fact, this skill qualifies as SAKA as far as I'm concerned if (and only if) you pair with the Rocker.

When I read what this skill can do, I was like totally absolutely for sure this was gonna end up being a SAKA skill. Keeping up with the Psion's super cool image, this skill is verifiably super cool. Remember that Thief's Grappling Hook thing, that I thought was so cool it was worthy of a personal note that it was great just for me? This is that, but for the whole field of battle and completely irresistible. The only thing this won't work against is a Dragon, 'cause they are the whole battlefield, but everything else in the game will get shuffled around including bosses. Well, almost, we'll get in to that. But in addition to the shuffle-palooza, each enemy takes up to 80 damage. After a -9 Senses resist roll maxed out. That's up to 560 damage if there's seven unfortunate targets out there. Which, if your Psion is also an expert in Psychosomatics, brings you up to a grand magnificent total of 784 damage which is exactly as glorious as the Thief's Barrage of Knives skill (if conditions abound) and so on par with the maximum group damage this game can let you deliver. Except, you know, it like totally obviously isn't because this skill is only good. How can this be? This can be thanks to a small host of pretty bad drawbacks. The most obvious and worst of which being that this is, as mentioned, resistible. So, depending on the monster, they may rarely resist this or, if they're Bandits or something like that, they can resist this more than half the time, even maxed out. This is the only other skill that has resistible damage, the first being the Cleric's books with 3 bolts thing. And this skill is just as terminally useless against bosses as that one. You could argue that shuffling things around, even without damage, is a bonus. And yeah, okay, maybe a very few times this will bring some kind of glass cannon opponent to the fore for proper pummeling, but really rarely - so rarely it's really not a boon at all. Because the shuffling is random but also not guaranteed. You can and will, at least once per battle and often much more, shuffle your intended target right back to where they started, in which case: no damage. Nothing. Like, literally, as if nothing had happened. This is problem number two, and only gets worse with bigger enemies. Most enemies are regular size, and you can fit 7 of them on the screen. The larger ones you can only fit 5, and this size is actually fairly common. The largest, only 3 at a time on the screen, though these are rare. Meaning with the XL monsters there's a 33% chance this will be useless. With the L size, 20% of the time useless. Regular, only useless 14.29% useless. But still, often useless. How lame is that? And those statistics, if you don't mind me being nerdy here, actually get worse, assuming the program works linearly in time. To illustrate with the XL size, the programming determines the first of your 3 monsters end up back where it was, which was a 33% chance. But now, there are only two places left to go, so each monster now has a 50% chance of no flippin' damage. And if the second one ends up back where it started, that's 100% chance of complete worthlessness on the last monster. I might be wrong, maybe there's an equation that calculates positions all at once, but I don't think that any of us can escape time, including digital brains, so I'm gonna go ahead and be miffed about that. Because, playing the game, it sure seems like Displacement doesn't work way more often than I expect it to. And that's not even the end of it. Because while the Thief's barrage does indeed need conditions on the enemy to be super kick ass, you can get up to max damage by level 25 or so because that's two different players using skills, so maxing them out in half the time it takes the Psion to max both of these out. So while the Thief is already turning the Paper Gang into mince meat a third of the way through the game (thanks to a friend), the Psion is struggling to do even half the damage. And remember, the Thief can do exactly half that god-like damage any day of the week without any help. So yeah, maybe, sometimes, really rarely and way at the end of the game, you will totally rule and blow the socks and everything else off a full host of nasties just with the power of your mind. More likely though, way before that, you're gonna realize how extra disappointing this skill is largely because of the promise it seemed to hold, and start your game over with a better Psion build. Like I did.

The FBI withheld the key from victims for weeks so it could tackle the ransomware gang, but it failed to disrupt the group. While the Russian hackers behind the whole incident disappeared weeks ago, seemingly in retreat from pillaging victims around the world, the REvil hackers have spun up operations anew recently, security researchers tell The Daily Beast. And other ransomware gangs have continued to pummel hospitals and, in more recent days, an Iowa grain cooperative, which some fear could cause food shortages.

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