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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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in order to generate an online license key for rockola game you only need to download a zip package, choose a game and select your language. pressing the [generate a license key] button, the key is automatically sent to your e-mail.



before submitting your application you must test your validator. to be able to test your validator, you must generate an license key in the game through rockola . if the license key you have generated is correct, the validator is ok.

  • features: generates csrf tokens on server.

  • use password_compat and use the generated password_api/password.php file instead of the packages password_api.php and password.php.

  • supports the ability to use one api key to call both the signup() and login() methods in a single request.

  • logs in new users by default.

  • allows the use of database configs for your use case.

  • include redirect() based on the current url.

  • allows password reset by email.

  • allows the use of the latest laravel as your login logic.

this package is a fork of the psrockola and psrockola-laravel packages. this version is primarily created to accomodate laravel package developers and maintains api compatibility with this package. please refer to the project's wiki for more information.

please note that i have not successfully yet tested this package with laravel 7 due to compatibility issues. if the package is up and running fine with laravel 5, please raise an issue and i will make sure to add the version for laravel 7 next release. i need to release that version asap, because it might be a requirement for the next version of the psr package.

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