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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Buy Unagi Online

Riviera Seafood Club's pre-cooked and marinated Kabayaki Unagi (BBQ eel) is delivered to your table in two days (one day for processing, one day for delivery). Our 10 ounce Kabayaki Unagi filets are high quality, sushi grade eel, offering a sweet and smoky flavor profile with a light, delicate texture. We guarantee our Kabayaki Unagi is the best quality unagi you can find, perfect for for sushi dishes.

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In the past, I lived in big cities, Washington, DC and Denver, where unagi was available in Asian stores or restaurants. Today, I live in a small town, 4 hours south of Denver, where seafood, let alone unagi, is a rarity. I am so happy that Riviera SC has made it available for shipping. The package with the unagi arrived intact and still frozen. I will definitely order again when I ran out. Thank you for satisfying my craving without my having to drive 4 hours.

Unagi Kabayaki is a famous product in the Japanese cuisine. Unagi is the Japanese word for freshwater eel and kabayaki is a Japanese term for a boned and filleted unagi, grilled with a sweet kabayaki sauce in 7oz/ 200g gram pack

Frozen eels are sold as dressed, whole or headless. Eels that will be frozen whole should be kept alive for sufficient time to cleanse before they are completely frozen. Whole eels are often stored in bags individually. The eels would intertwine, which makes it hard to thaw and manage them. A suitable alternative approach of sorting includes stunning them and freezing them separately. Eels can be filleted, but when cooked with the bone, the fish meat is still easy to extract, and no tiny bones complicate the process. Some people preferred skinning the eels before cooking. Smoked eels also are a significant popular dish. The flesh of this freshwater fish, known as unagi, can also be used in sushi.

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(CNN) -- South Korea has long enjoyed some of the fastest and most widely available broadband Internet access on the planet. Top online gamers are bona-fide TV celebrities, and long before MySpace, there was South Korea's Cyworld, a social networking site launched back in 1999.

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No matter whether you are looking for the products you need to create a Chinese banquet, Japanese hotpot, or even some of the highest quality Korean cosmetics, you will find it all here in one location. As well as saving you the hassle of travelling from grocery store to grocery store, we also provide you the convenience of shopping online from the huge range of Japanese, Chinese and Korean grocery products in our Melbourne stores. 041b061a72

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