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Ancient Alien Origins

Episode 3. Hosted by Austin Enders & Tod Gibson, welcome guest, Keegan Belstadt, former Buffalo-based ghost hunter for a second installment. Join us for some alien conspiracies as well as the origins of alien existence found on earth. (Part 2)See Last Weeks Installment: Episode 2 - Keegan Belstadt (Paranormal Investigations, Different Dimensions, Conspiracies)(Part 1)

Ancient Alien Origins

The true history of mankind has been hidden from us for hundreds of years. It's time to come to terms with our true origins. From the crystal skulls to the great pyramid of Egypt and much, much more, prepare for a journey that could change history as we know it. 70 minutes.

The Aliens strike all across the globe, with ruthless efficiency. We cannot pin down their source. Could it be in some ocean deep too impenetrable for us to locate? Not all the organisms we have encountered are Alien, some are very old, some are from evolutionary paths long thought extinct. We are dealing with a menace that has been sleeping for millennia, a subtle symbiosis of human and Alien. Deep in the oceans there lie ancient sites used by the Aliens to contact their stellar cousins. Each of these twelve sites contains a Synomium device, a powerful Alien technology. Now with their war machine on the march the Aliens are re-activating these sites to widen their Molecular Control net, we must destroy these sites at all costs.

It is clear that we are fighting a losing battle on Earth. The Alien hordes are overwhelming in number. The best we can do is slow down their progress. The only hope for humanity is to tackle the aliens at their source. Our research seems to indicate a nearby base of operations within our solar system. Aliens indicate this place to be the centre of an ancient civilisation that pre-dates Human history. We must locate this place as soon as possible. However we need to capture and interrogate an Alien Leader to gain more detailed information. The larger UFOs probably contain at least one Alien Leader.

Tumbling through space at 57,000mph (90,000 kmph), the object is thought to have come from the direction of Vega, an alien star that resides 147 trillion miles (237 trillion km) away. Possibly shaped like an elongated cigar, possibly formed into an uncannily spaceship-like disc, by the time it was spotted it had already zipped by our own Sun, performed a slick hairpin turn, and begun hurtling off in another direction.

Then finally, earlier this year Jackson and his colleague Steven Desch came up with an explanation that seems to explain 'Oumuamua's quirky features, without the need for any alien technology. They started by ruling things out. For one thing, they knew that if there were any gases leaving 'Oumuamua, they couldn't include carbon monoxide, water, or carbon dioxide, because astronomers would have seen them.

There aren't any bones or ancient DNA to prove it, but researchers say the evidence is in the genes of modern West Africans. They analyzed genetic material from hundreds of people from Nigeria and Sierra Leone and found signals of what they call "ghost" DNA from an unknown ancestor.

People are also reading books about ancient aliens and other forms of pseudoarchaeology, according to archaeologist Donald Holly. He starts a recent open-access book review section in the journal American Antiquity by asking archaeologists to entertain the idea of pseudoarchaeology -- just for a little bit -- so that we can create better teachable moments, whether we're talking to students or to anyone interested in our jobs. People who read these books are not ignorant or obstinate, he points out, but rather undecided about alternative archaeological explanations and clearly interested in understanding the past. "It's time we talk to the guy sitting next to us on the airplane," Holly asserts. In collecting nine reviews of popular-on-Amazon pseudo-archaeology books by professional archaeologists, Holly hopes that this will both "offer the silent and curious majority that is interested in these works a professional perspective on them" and give archaeologists unfamiliar with the books a pseudoarchaeology primer.

In the second review, The Ancient Alien Question, archaeologist Jeb Card points out, as does Feder, that the origins of this idea lay in Victorian mysticism and Theosophy, a movement that "blended hermetic magic, spiritualism, Western curiosity abut Eastern religion, colonial racism, and misconceptions of evolution into a worldview of root races, lost continents, and ascended masters who originated on Venus or other worlds." The author of The Ancient Alien Question, Philip Coppens, was a regular on the Ancient Aliens TV series and presents academic research as if science itself is mysterious. Most problematic, Card finds, is Coppens' invokation of "the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and other book burnings as suppression of ancient truth without recognizing his own call for the destruction of the scientific order, replacing scientific investigation with a new history of mysticism and myth."

Archaeologists are trained as anthropologists to recognize and celebrate the diversity of humanity, both today and in the past. Eric Cline succinctly explains this in his review, noting "pseudoarchaeologists cannot accept the fact that the mere humans might have come up with great innovations such as the domestication of plants and animals or built great architectural masterpieces such as the Sphinx all on their own; rather, they frequently seek or invoke divine, or even alien, assistance to explain how these came to be."

Unfortunately, tales of ancient aliens and extraordinary humans creating the Pyramids as a communication device are often more fascinating than slow cultural change. We as archaeologists need to find a way to showcase the humanity of the past and get across the idea that ancient humans were intelligent, capable, and innovative -- that those of us alive today are the product of that long history of innovation, and that we are continuing the tradition of our early ancestors by inventing cars, computers, and, yes, even pseudoarchaeology.

Truths have been hidden from us for hundreds of years. In antiquity, a few had glimpsed the secrets that history has long forgotten but were silenced before they could reveal the most secret knowledge of all - the true origins of mankind. We have made contact with beings from another world as well as entities from other dimensions. These beings possess the most sacred knowledge in the cosmos. In the most ancient of times, we called them gods, and now that we are exploring space, it is time to come to terms with our true origins. From the crystal skulls to the Great Pyramid of Egypt and much more, prepare for a journey that could change history as we know it.

In The Pagan World: Ancient Religions Before Christianity, you will meet the fascinating, ancient polytheistic peoples of the Mediterranean and beyond, their many gods and goddesses, and their public and private worship practices, as you come to appreciate the foundational role religion played in their lives. Professor Hans-Friedrich Mueller, of Union College in Schenectady, New York, makes this ancient world come alive in 24 lectures with captivating stories of intrigue, artifacts, illustrations, and detailed descriptions from primary sources of intriguing personalities.

The claim that the eye sockets of Peruvian skulls found in the region of Paracas prove an alien origin is FALSE, based on our research. The eyes are consistent with human features, and the cone shape of the skull is a result of artificial cranial deformation, according to an expert. No credible publication or source has corroborated that these skulls come from extraterrestrial beings.

(These programs no longer available for streaming.) Has the universe always existed? How did it become a place that could harbor life? What was the birth of our planet like? Are we alone, or are there alien worlds waiting to be discovered? NOVA presents some startling new answers in "Origins," a groundbreaking four-part NOVA miniseries hosted by dynamic astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. Tyson leads viewers on a cosmic journey to the beginning of time and into the distant reaches of the universe, searching for life's first stirrings and its traces on other worlds.

The Great Pyramids of Giza are considered by some to be one of the most convincing pieces of evidence for ancient aliens. The massive size and precise construction of the pyramids have led some to believe that they could not have been built by humans; they must have been created by extraterrestrial beings.

According to ancient-alien theorists, Stonehenge was used for astronomical purposes or as a landing site for alien spacecraft. I can more easily imagine UFOs landing on the flatlands surrounding the main stones than on the tips of pyramids. Despite the many theories, the true purpose of Stonehenge remains unknown, and it continues to captivate people with its beauty and mystery.

Over two million years ago, a technologically and socially advanced alien species inhabited the vast water covered planet of Tau Volantis. At some point in their history, they discovered a Black Marker similar to what would later be discovered on Earth by Michael Altman. The civilization began to replicate the Marker, likely due to both religious furor its signal induced and as a practical source of limitless energy. The aliens built Marker copies across the planet's surface.

Two million years later, in the year 2311, the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces discovered the planet and the remains of an alien specimen that they called "Rosetta". After studying Rosetta, Dr. Earl Serrano discovered the truth and tried to complete the aliens' unfinished work, but in 2314, General Mahad received orders invoking a purge of all of the personnel, information, and assets on and in orbit of Tau Volantis before Serrano could get the alien Codex required to complete the process of the Machine. 041b061a72

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