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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Best Buy Mills Civic !LINK!

Headquartered in Minnesota, Best Buy is one of the most popular stores for shoppers to buy electronic goods. Whether you're looking for a great deal on a new T.V. or just the chance to check out the latest technology, Best Buy might be the best place to be.

best buy mills civic

Perhaps none, however, provides a better window into the equivalent of a "zero-unemployment" economy than this civic-minded city on the muddy banks of the Mississippi River. Here the smaller-than-small rate means job-seekers and job-holders are sitting as pretty as prom queens while suitor companies hustle hard to woo new workers and keep current ones. In fact, the rate has created a veritable culture of vultures among firms - which normally exhibit a Minnesota civility toward each other - trying to fill jobs.

Business and civic leaders also are trying to direct traffic to their respective tax-generating centers. Boulder, for example, is providing free three-hourcoupons for downtown parking through Dec. 22.

The parks in Central Beaverton are a major part of why Money magazine rates Beaverton one of the best 100 cities to live in. With more than 100 parks, the City Park Fountain, where the farmers market is held, still remains a favorite and opens during the summer months for kids to play in for no cost. 041b061a72

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