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Un50f6300 50 Class 6300 Series 1080p Led Smart Tv

What it does have -- sleek looks and a good-enough picture -- help make it one of the company's better values. I wouldn't recommend it as much as a couple of other midrange LED LCDs, like Panasonic's E60 or Vizio's M series, but I like do it better than the more expensive Samsung UNF6400. If you're looking for a way to get Samsung's class-leading Smart TV suite without causing much pain in your wallet, the UNF6300 series is worth a look.

Un50f6300 50 Class 6300 Series 1080p Led Smart Tv

Series information: I performed a hands-on evaluation of the 55-inch Samsung UN55F6300, but this review also applies to the other screen sizes in the series. All sizes have identical specs and according to the manufacturer should provide very similar picture quality.

Smart TV: The UNF6300 is Samsung's third-cheapest Smart TV for 2013. Only the UNF5500-series LEDs (which top out at 50 inches) and the PNF5500 series plasmas cost less. Beyond voice and gesture control, however, the 6300 has essentially the same Smart tricks as the higher-end models, and performs them just as well.

Samsung's Smart interface is reminiscent of an Android smartphone, with five different home pages you can flip through by shuffling among the icons at the top: On TV; Movies and TV shows (on demand); Photos, Videos, and Music (DLNA, USB, and cloud-based media); Social (Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter); and Apps. Navigation and the slick animations were quick on the 6300; its dual-core processor feels nearly as responsive as the quad-core of the high-end UNF8000 series. The design is refreshing, colorful, and relatively simple, a welcome change from the clutter of the company's previous versions. It's my favorite overall design of any of the 2013 Smart TV makers, although LG sets equipped with motion remotes are a close second, and allow you to get around more quickly.

Shadow detail wasn't an issue however. The 6300 showed every detail of the face of the mysterious woman in the next skyscraper and Bond's visage among the fluctuating lights (50:22). The gradation from darker to lighter appeared a slip more natural than on the Vizio E series, if not as good as on the Panasonics, but the differences in shadow detail between all of them were slight enough that it'd take a side-by-side comparison to tell them apart.

The Samsung UN50F6300 series LED TV drops a good deal of features compared to the F6400 above it. The most notable missing features are active 3D playback and micro dimming. Those two features alone set the two models apart by a good bit. Where features are lost, much value is gained. The picture quality, attractive design, and the fully redesigned Smart Hub remain. Value shoppers not interested in 3D will find a great deal in the F6300 series. This 50 inch version will service a medium to large sized room. This size class will see a lot of competition in 2013 with a lot of similar LED TVs from Sony, Panasonic, and LG.

Samsung's higher-performing LCD TVs begin with the F6300-series models. The first big upgrade is Clear Motion Rate 240 technology, which combines 120Hz refresh rate with a blinking backlight to significantly improve the clarity of video motion. Reducing motion blur is definitely recommended for a screen that's this big and sharp.

One of the really cool and different features of Samsung's 2013 Smart TVs is 2-way wireless screen mirroring. Using your Wi-Fi network, you can mirror what's on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S3 or newer smartphone or Galaxy tablet, on the UN50F6300's screen. You can mirror the other way, too. Just download Samsung's Smart View app and use the TV View feature to mirror whatever's on the TV's screen on your compatible Samsung phone or tablet. You can leave the room anytime without leaving your entertainment behind.

For most, 55 inches is the perfect size for a living room TV. The UN55F6400 is a small step up from the F6300 series below it. The small step gets you some pretty hefty feature upgrades. 3D functionality and Micro-dimming on the edge lit LEDs. 3D playback is strong here as it provides a good amount of detail and depth. There is a lot of competition in the 55 inch class namely from Panasonic, LG, and Sony.

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