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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Doughboy Torrent

Around a folded blanket seven doughboysIntently watch the dice turn six the hard way.Like pre-noir tough guys, three or four clutch sawbucksHalf curled, ready to shell out or increaseA conscript private's base pay. One, raffish,Tilts his campaign hat like an old salt.All seven would shame Bogart with the angleOf dangling cigarettes and arched eyebrows.But they're not tough guys, just heartbreakers all,Stunning the viewer with impossible youth. [End Page 181]

Doughboy torrent

He however, already by the crashing water torrents hit, fought his way to the two comerades back.Non word-for-word translation: He, however, already hit by the crashing torrents of water, fought his way back to his two comerades.

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