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All Mine By Terri Jones

An early sketch that was a favourite of mine, and one that would get played to death on my vinyl record of Monty Python, was Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson, in which Jones's eponymous classical composer kept being sidetracked by Eric Idle's interviewer into revealing the reason for his unusual nickname.

All Mine by Terri Jones


The show's popularity has prompted several fan-made continuations, notably fanfics. Three of the most prominent are the "Blazing Dragons" series on Wattpad, the "Virtual Season" on Weebly and another with no name in particular still under work on DeviantArt.

"It's great that this version is now finally getting released for the Python 50th anniversary. Andre has added the Fred Tomlinson Singers backing vocals from the full orchestral version, which really helps the choruses, and has produced a terrific re-mix. Enjoy!" comments John Du Prez, the musical producer & arranger of the original track.

I think that, yeah, the longevity of its birth made a better film. I think the script got more interesting as it went on. And the cast, our final cast, is the best, really, we could have had. It's changed a lot over the years, and I really want it to be fresh all the time. I don't want to be the same thing I started 20 years ago. The hardest part was at the start of the first couple weeks of shooting, because I was so terrified of other people's expectations of what the movie was gonna be, because other people's imaginations. I have no idea what they would make of it, but people have been waiting for it for so long. And that was the hardest part. It took me almost two weeks before I really settled into just dealing with the daily problems. At a certain point, you can't think beyond what's in front of you, and what you gotta deal with, and you just fly.

I love them. I think they are so good, and I've loved all their films, because they really take chances. They try things. They've got great sense of humor, timing. Their sense of absurdity is there. I mean, it's always been funny, because I'm just a little Protestant boy from Minnesota. The Coens and Bob Dylan, two, or three great people, were the Jewish people, which we didn't even know when we were kids, that Jews existed in Minnesota. And that really intrigues me, because their humor is very specific. Well, I think Dylan became a Christian at some point, or I think that lasted for about a year, then he drifted back to something else. Both the Coen brothers love movies probably more than I do, and they really love the form of a movie. So their movies are all shaped much more than mine are, in a cinematic, or a movie story sense. But I think they're brilliant, and I just always look forward to their films, because they are unique.

In the non-Monty Python World, the Cave of Caerbannog is really the abandoned Tomnadashan Mine. The mine was built in the 19th century, but attempts to glean copper, gold, and sulphur from its depths proved unsuccessful.

Waddell, 60, survived three days in El Tigre mine, fighting off rattlesnakes and praying somebody would look for him. He had explored the mine, which is on his property near Aguila, for decades, hoping to find gold still glittering in the dark tunnels.

As the American West became more developed, larger mining operations opened, state mining officials said. Metal structures and mine carts began to dot the landscape, and abandoned mines became more common as prospectors left unsuccessful ventures for more profitable ones.

But people often underestimate the danger of entering and exploring these old mines. The dangers include collapsing boards and rocks, water-filled pits, dangerous animals, old explosives or hazardous chemicals and poor air quality, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

In 1982, 15-year-old John Borrowdale died while exploring an abandoned mine in Arizona he found while hunting with a friend. In the darkness inside, he missed an 850-foot vertical shaft inside the main tunnel and fell to his death, according to records from the Arizona State Mine Inspector.

For the past 11 years, the office has relied on law enforcement agencies to relay the information to them if a mine accident happens. But the state has no mandatory reporting policy, and what to report, if anything, falls to the individual agency responding to an incident.

Kautzmann said a member of the club came close to dying in one mineshaft 10 years ago. He drove his Jeep halfway into the shaft, which was at least 30 feet deep, on the edge of a popular trail. Other club members saved the driver by winching the back of his vehicle and dragging it out.

Groups such as the Havasu 4 Wheelers Club are rare because groups that interact with abandoned mines could be liable for any future deaths or injuries, especially if any environmental problems occur, according to current federal law. 041b061a72

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