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Buy Refrigerator Water Filters

Consumer Reports set out to investigate whether consumers can get aftermarket filters that offer the same level of quality and protection at a lower price. We scoured Amazon for aftermarket filters and had significant trouble finding brands that are certified to international quality and safety standards. According to Amazon, the company now requires filters to meet a minimum standard (NSF/ANSI 42, which we explain below), but it's still working to secure compliance from all of its suppliers.

buy refrigerator water filters

The only aftermarket brand we could find with proper, verifiable certifications for its filters is Culligan, which sells its filters for about 20 percent less than those from refrigerator manufacturers.

We were able to find two of three key certifications held by Culligan filters, one for the reduction of chlorine and odors, as well as one for lead and volatile organic compounds. We could not find certifications for the reduction of parasites or trace pharmaceuticals. Still, these are the only filters we know of that come close to matching the high standards that most refrigerator-branded filters meet.

There are three large testing organizations that certify filters to these standards and allow their manufacturers to label their filters and packaging with certification badges. Those organizations are the Water Quality Association (WQA), the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), and NSF itself.

Some fridge filters cost roughly the same per gallon (a Brita faucet filter costs 19 cents per gallon compared with 17 cents per gallon for a GE or Samsung filter), some fridge filters cost less (a Sub-Zero filter costs 7 cents per gallon), and some cost more (some Whirlpool and LG filters cost 25 cents per gallon).

If you want a filter that removes chlorine and the weird taste sometimes associated with treated public water, make sure it also meets those specific reduction claims (for chlorine and taste) under NSF/ANSI 42. For a filter that removes lead and certain organic chemicals, you may want to go with a Culligan fridge filter (they range in price from about 8 cents to 13 cents per gallon).

For the cleanest water, replace your filter every six months. Depending on your filter, a refrigerator water filter reduces lead and up to 73 other contaminants that can be found in your ice and water.

Whirlpool approved refrigerator water filters are certified by NSF International to reduce a range of impurities and contaminants. To determine what type of contaminants a filter is certified to reduce, look for NSF Standard numbers.

Taste and odor: If you want to improve the taste and odor of your water, look for a filter certified to NSF Standard 42. A filter that meets this standard is certified to reduce aesthetic impurities such as chlorine.

Emerging (or new) contaminants: NSF 401 covers filtration of emerging contaminants which include pharmaceuticals or chemicals not yet regulated by the EPA or Health Canada. These filters have been verified to reduce one or more of 15 emerging contaminants.

While some filters may qualify for one or two of these standards, select Whirlpool approved filters are certified for all three. Check your filter's safety and performance data sheet for detailed information on which contaminants your filter is certified to reduce.

The United States provides some of the safest tap water in the world. Community water systems are regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. However, conditions can vary based on your local water source, plumbing systems, and other environmental factors which can result in the presence of contaminants in your water.

Filters can reduce a range of impurities and other contaminants to ensure quality or improve the odor and taste of tap water. Some people may choose to filter their tap water due to concerns about possible contaminants or simply because they prefer the taste. For information about possible contaminants in your local water, check the annual water quality report provided by your water utility. This report can help you decide what kind of filtration system is best for you and your family. Read this article from the CDC for more information on water quality reports.

NSF International is an independent organization that certifies filters against three contaminant categories: look and taste, health concerns, and emerging (or new) contaminants. While some filters may qualify for one or two of the categories, select Whirlpool approved filters are certified for all three.

Next, locate the placement of your filter inside your refrigerator. Then, simply remove the old filter and insert the new one, making sure it is securely locked in place. Proper placement for your specific filter model is important. Be sure to follow these easy step-by-step filter replacement instructions with quick how-to videos.

We recommend that you replace your filter for your Whirlpool refrigerator when the indicator light turns on, every 6 months, or as needed. Small ice cubes, low ice production, and/or longer dispensing times may be an indication that your water filter is clogged or was installed incorrectly.

Your refrigerator's water and ice dispenser is more than a quick way to get a cool drink of water. When the right water filter is in place, your fridge will also be a source of clean, pure water that will keep you and your family healthy and hydrated. Find out why it's important to replace the filter on time, what the filter does, how to replace it and more.

Regular replacement of the filter is critical to maintaining their effectiveness and reducing bacterial contamination. An overused or out-of-date filter can become dangerous because the filter will no longer trap contaminants, allowing them to leach back into your water. For the safety of you and your loved ones, it's important not to put off replacement too long.

More than just making your water look and taste good, fridge filters can remove a variety of contaminants that can cause illness. Some can filter out as many as 66 different contaminants including pharmaceuticals, waterborne parasites, lead and mercury, pesticides, asbestos and industrial chemicals. Drinking water filtered by your refrigerator will help you and your loved ones stay healthy and hydrated.

All refrigerators that come with a water dispenser include a filtration system that removes impurities so that you have clean, great tasting water. Old refrigerator filters can develop a build up of the captured contaminants, which can cause your water quality to drop and result in an unpleasant smell or taste. Over time, filters can also become a breeding ground for bacteria that can actually contaminate your drinking water instead of cleaning it. Replacing your fridge filter ensures clean, safe drinking water.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing the filter every six months, depending on water quality and use. If there's a lot of sediment in your system, it may need to be replaced more frequently. If you have a large family that drinks a lot of water, it'll need to be replaced more often than a single person's filter.

Most filters can be found at big box stores, you don't have to order them directly from the manufacturer. Because remembering to buy a replacement filter every six months can feel like a hassle and is easy to forget, ordering online can be more convenient. And you can make your life easier and cross order filter off your to-do list by signing up for a filter subscription that will auto-ship your order every 6, 12 or 18 months. Bonus: Save 10 percent on subscription orders.

With dozens and dozens of filter sizes and styles available, finding the right filter can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Don't worry, all the information you need is right there in your fridge no user manual needed. Using the Fridge Filter Finder tool, follow the four step-by-step instructions to identify the right replacement filter. It will ask you easy questions about your fridge's brand and style. In just a few clicks you'll have a selection of right-size filters to choose from.

The highest quality aftermarket filters, and Tier1 filters are a perfect replacement for filters made by big-name brands like Whirlpool, Kenmore and Maytag. Created with serious consideration for a healthy home environment, Tier1 products come with a promise that every filter is a great value, meets the highest quality standards and is backed by the Tier1 Guarantee for fit, quality and price.

Like cars, computers and cell phones, water filtration systems are continually being updated and improved. One of the most common enhancements is the filter's ability to remove contaminants. WhirlPool recently released a completely new line of filters that now remove 66 different contaminants, a significant increase over their previous line. While the name and some features of a filter may change, the shape and fit of it does not. So when you search for your filter number and it's listed as discontinued, there's always a perfect-fitting replacement option with a different name or number.

Even though there are seven standard fridge styles and dozens of different fridge filters, every replacement filter can be installed without tools or the help of a plumber. While the process varies between fridge styles and filter placement, in less than simple 10 steps, you can replace the filter yourself. Each replacement filter comes with easy step-by-step instructions, or you can review the steps online by fridge brand:

A change in the flavor of your filtered water is a sign that the water filter needs to be replaced. As the filter is used, the particles filtered out are collected and eventually build up to the point that the filter can't do its job anymore. After you replace the filter the water should taste good again.

If there is stuff floating in your water, it's time to replace your fridge filter. Your filter has become too old to trap contaminates so they are passing through the system and ending up in your glass. A new filter should fix the issue. 041b061a72

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