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Villains Of Valley View

The Maddens, a family of supervillains on the run, moves to a Texas suburb to live a normal life. Amy wants to get their lives back but Jake embraces becoming a good person. To keep his sister in check, Jake pushes Amy to befriend their neighbor, Hartley. While fighting over it, they accidentally send Hartley to another dimension using a gadget their father made. As they work on a rescue plan, the family stalls Hartley's grandmother by asking Colby to use his newly-found powers to shapeshift into Hartley. While rescuing Hartley from the other dimension, Amy is forced to use her sonic powers, revealing that she is the supervillain Havoc. She explains that her villain family is on the run because she stood up to the League of Villains leader Onyx for passing her mother over for a promotion to Chief Commander which was given to Slither with Onyx also insulting their family. Hartley promises to keep their identity a secret.

Villains of Valley View


Eva plan to volunteer herself at Valley View High School and has a trouble with the interview process at the hands of Donna Plank, the head of the cosmetic company FacciaGrande. One of the ways that Amy and Hartley try to help her involves using Colby who has randomly shapeshifted into a housefly. It seems to Eva that she has been in this slump since Onyx passed her over for a promotion. Meanwhile, Jake plans to go on a ride-along with Robert which disappoints Vic when he wanted to create mischief. To remedy this, Vic creates a bad clone of Jake that lasts for one day in order to do mischief with him. This backfires when Bad Jake accidentally gets taken on a ride-along with Robert as Vic and Jake go after him. Both plots collide at Valley View High School where Robert arrests Donna for assaulting a police officer and because FacciaGrande's face cream has allegedly scarred people while Jake defeats Bad Jake. Before Vic can go ahead with plans to vaporize Bad Jake, he and Jake find that he escaped and prepare themselves for when he returns.

Amy and Hartley get tickets to Fuschia! and get busted when it turns out that the teacher Mr. Tennyson has become the new principal. When he gives them detention for being late, Amy and Hartley plan to use one of the temporary amnesia vials that Vic has invented. Due to a mishap, Vic gets exposed to one of the vials around the same time he is trying to impress Mr. Tennyson. Now Amy and Hartley must work to help the former's father get through an interview that offers him chances of a promotion. Meanwhile, Eva gets a job at the Round Up and is told by Jake about a secret shopper. She gets suspicious that Celia might be the secret shopper when she shows up.

Hartley tells the viewers a Christmas story that took place years ago where Onyx issues a ruin Christmas challenge. Havoc comments to Surge and Chaos that they can steal the Centropolis Christmas tree while Kraniac and Number 3 have stolen all the smart go-karts. To win Onyx's challenge, Havoc, Surge, and Chaos run into a complication with a teenager named Savannah whose family have seen the lighting of the Centropolis Christmas tree every year. When they managed to pull it off, they find that Savannah has hidden in the Centropolis Christmas tree where they take her captive as she plans to tip off the police with her phone while trying to find some reception. Havoc finally uses her sonic attack on Savannah. When she obtains her phone, Havoc finds that her father James is away on military duty where she wanted to get photos of the Christmas tree. As Chaos gets Savannah out of their lair without seeing it, Havoc has been moved by Savannah's plea and is unable to keep the Centropolis Christmas tree as it reminded her of two birthdays when Kraniac was fighting Climate Captain and Lava Lantern. Meanwhile, Kraniac and Number 3 find out that the display model for the smart go-kart is being raffled off as they plan to obtain it by entering the raffle with Kraniac using the alias of Jack McWaxey with his raffle ticket is signed with magnetic ink as he plans to get the elf into wearing a magnetic glove. Number 3 bribes the elf into letting him take his place. When it comes time for the raffle, Number 3 pulls out the ticket that Jack McWaxey is named on. The crowd praises him much to Kraniac's surprise which leaves them moved by the Christmas spirit. When it comes to the tree lighting, Savannah finds the Centropolis Christmas tree as it wasn't connected causing Havoc to have Surge light the tree. Suddenly, James arrives after his company commander gave his unit a 24-hour pass for the holiday. Chaos later admits that he loves Christmas as Kraniac gives away stolen merchandise from his sleigh pulled by Number 3 on the smart go-kart while planning to get something in return. Hartley narrates that the villain family kind of live happily ever after as she wishes everyone a happy holidays.

Parents need to know that The Villains of Valley View is a comedy for kid and tween audiences. The series is similar to Wizards of Waverly Place or The Thundermans in that a family must work hard to conceal their powers and live lives perceived as normal. Though harmless, this may make room for conversations about honesty. There's mild violence that may be scary for the youngest viewers. Because the show focuses on one family's wacky dilemma, grown-ups won't mind tuning in to an occasional episode.

"It's about a family of supervillains! What's not to love about that?" Malachi Barton, who plays Flashform, asked ABC Audio. He thinks the show is relatable because it celebrates "a family being their unique selves while they're having to learn how to work together."

Reed Horstmann, who plays the villain Chaos, added the sitcom has "a lot of heart" because it's about a family of once-powerful supervillains "finding their own self-confidence" after being "forced to adapt" to life on the run.

The family is forced to go into hiding after Havoc, played by Isabella Pappas, angers the League of Villains. The supervillains change their identities to the Madden family and move to a sleepy suburb in Texas.

Pappas said the show is not just about villains, it shares important life lessons. "It's about taking control of your life and not letting people walk all over you," she said, adding that's an important message for young kids.

Kayden Muller-Janssen plays Hartley, the Maddens' ultra-nice neighbor. She's happy to see a show that sympathizes with villains instead of the "perfect" heroes. She said villains are allowed to have flaws, which makes them "really relatable" because "everybody makes mistakes. That's a part of being human."'

  • The Madden Family/The Mayhems General Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: As Amy admits to Hartley at the end of the first episode, the reason they're on the run from Onyx is that she attacked him after he called her whole family "weak".

  • Bad Is Good and Good Is Bad: The attitude of all the Maddens except Jake. Amy especially starts off not caring much about keeping her villainous instincts under wraps, and while her parents and Colby are more subtle they'd also rather not have to pretend to be nice. In particular, Eva and Vic are disappointed rather than proud when Jake is in the running to be Student of the Month.

  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The Maddens as a whole are like this with each other, but Amy particularly stands out: The whole reason they're in hiding in the first place is that she attacked the Big Bad, Onyx, in a fit of anger when he denied her mother a promotion and dismissed her family as weak. Outside of her family, she also comes to care about Hartley in spite of her villainous instincts.

  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: A recurring theme as the Maddens, being supervillains, have a difficult time understanding people who aren't like them. The first big example is how they try to blackmail Hartley into keeping their secret as the idea someone would actually keep quiet out of friendship and honoring their word is a foreign concept to them.

  • Secret Identity: The Maddens must keep their identities as the Mayhems a secret to avoid being spotted and sent into custody.

  • Villain Protagonist: The series focuses on a family of villains, with the daughter as the protagonist.

  • Cool Old Lady: She can bench-press her granddaughter Hartley.

  • Expy: She is very similar to Patricia Belcher's character Mrs Dabney in Good Luck Charlie. Both are stone-faced senior ladies who took no nonsense and invite themselves over at will.

  • Locked Out of the Loop: Celia is not aware that her tenants are retired villains, and some of the hi-jinks revolve around making sure it stays that way.

  • Only One Name: Her last name has not been given.

  • Big Bad: He's the leader of the villains in Season 1.

  • Knight of Cerebus: The show's tone becomes significantly less comedic whenever he's involved. Him fighting the Maddens in the Season 1 finale is treated as a serious threat and nearly ends with him killing Colby.

Amy defeated Onyx to save her family, so everything should be fine now. But, the villains have other thoughts on that. They want their leader back and for that to happen Amy Madden's blood must be spilt.

"We've been seeing the stories of superheroes told for as long as I've been around, but to see the stories told from the perspective of villains is super-interesting," Horstmann told UPI in a recent Zoom interview.Advertisement

"This show grapples with the idea of good and evil and where the lines are kind of blurred and how the Maddens are maybe not in one spot. They kind of move and their actions change over the course of the show to figure out where they stand. Do they want to be true villains or maybe are they drawn elsewhere?"

"As villains, maybe the family didn't really rely on each other that much. They acted selfishly because they were villains. But now that they are trying to live normal lives, they learn to trust each other more and the loyalty is strengthened and the love is strengthened, especially between the siblings." 041b061a72

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